Staticly is an iOS app that lets you edit posts and pages on your Jekyll powered site or blog.
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Staticly is an iOS application that allows you to edit your jekyll generated sites and blogs on the go.

Here are the things that are planned for the first version:

Allow users to connect to github and pick a repository and branch for Jekyll

"Clone" repository locally into Core Data store using AFNetworking

Create New Posts in either _posts or _drafts

Edit Posts with an extra Markdown formatting toolbar.

Saving creates commits

Markdown can be previewed, but only the content, not using anything from _layouts

Posts can be moved from _drafts to _posts

v1 will only handle connecting to github and can only handle jekyll sites that can be generated by github (no plugins). Letting github do the work for us takes away a lot of development time that would need to be spent reimplementing much of jekyll

If there are features that you think should be in v1 or in future verisons, open an issue.