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WebGL Crash Course
- Go to http://github.com/fintler/WebGL-Presentation for code.

Who are you?
- Someone who's comfortable with JavaScript and C.
- Someone who knows the basics of matrices and vectors.

Who am I?
- Someone who barely knows anything about WebGL and OpenGL.
- Someone who is probably going to tell you at least one incorrect thing today.
- Jon Bringhurst <jon@bringhurst.org>

What is OpenGL?
- Open Graphics Library.
- So you can write code that runs on different video cards.
- The program you write is a "client", the video card is a "server".
- To help you fight with matrix math.

What is OpenGL ES?
- Open Graphics Library for Embedded Systems.
- The best or most useful parts of the full OpenGL spec.
- Generally only one way to do everything.

What is WebGL?
- The JavaScript way to use OpenGL ES (2.0).
- Uses the webgl context of a <canvas> element.
- Awesome.

High level -- how to use WebGL?
- Do the following in order from 1 to 6.
  - Step 1: Create and setup two programs that run on the video card.
  - Step 2: Send camera information to the first program (vertex shader).
  - Step 3: Send shape (vertex) information to the first program.
  - Step 4: Send color (fragment) information to the second program.
  - Step 5: Tell the video card to draw the stuff you sent it.
  - Step 6: Go to step 1.

Programs that run on the video card?
- Called "shaders".
- We only worry about "vertex" (points in 3d space) and "fragment" (color).
- Written in a C-like language known as GLSL.
- Write your shader in a <script> tag, then get it with innerHTML or whatever.

Compile and send it to the video card.
- Compile example.
- Send to video card example.

Send camera information.
- Send camera information example.

Send shape information.
- Send shape information example.

- Linear interpolation between vertices to create fragments.
- The invisible step between your vertex and fragment shader.

Send color information
- Send color information example.

Overview of the pipeline
- All of the stuff that happens behind the scenes.
- Important to know, but only after you get the basics down.

Now tell the video card to run through the pipeline
- Example of drawing.
- Show the output.

Useful links and libraries
- WebGLU.
- "Learning WebGL" series.