An nginx module to enable the use of SPNEGO, GSSAPI, and Kerberos for HTTP SSO authentication.
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This is an nginx module to enable the use of SPNEGO, GSSAPI, and Kerberos for HTTP SSO authentication.

Warning: This code probably has a ton of bugs. Personally, I suggest that you don't use it in production without a bit of auditing. This repository was created because the original download site disappeared.


First, you need to compile the spnegohelp dynamic library. 'make' in that subdirectory should do it, then place it by hand somewhere where linker and loader can find it by default (probably /usr/lib or perhaps even /usr/local/lib depending on your setup).

When compiling from source build as usual adding the -add-module option:

  ./configure --add-module=$PATH_TO_MODULE

inside top Nginx source directory.


The module has following directives:

  • auth_gss: "on"/"off", for ease of unsecuring while leaving other options in the config file,

  • auth_gss_realm: what Kerberos realm name to use, for now only used to remove it from full,

  • auth_gss_keytab: absolute path-name to keytab file containing service credentials,

  • auth_gss_service_name: what service name to use when acquiring credentials. (TOFIX: HTTP but should be a list in case of some other browsers wanting perhaps khttp or http)

FIXME: for now they are all merely location specific. i.e. no way to specify main or per server defaults, except for ...


... current "hardcodeds" ;-}

    location /topsecret {
      auth_gss on;
      auth_gss_realm LOCALDOMAIN;
      auth_gss_keytab /etc/krb5.keytab;
      auth_gss_service_name HTTP;

Credit and License

This code is derived from the Apache Kerberos/SPNEGO module.

Please see the file for more information.