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WebGL Unproject

This is a port of the usual gluUnProject function to javascript for use in WebGL applications. To use, read the included JSDoc for the unProject function -- it closely matches the API for the common C variant of the same function.

This code was originally written for picking support in Lanyard ( See lanyard.BasicOrbitView for a working example.

Simple Example

var viewportArray = [
    viewportOriginX, viewportOriginY, viewportWidth, viewportHeight

// The results of the operation will be stored in this array.
var modelPointArrayResults = [];

var success = GLU.unProject(
    windowPointX, windowPointY, windowPointZ,
    modelViewMatrix, projectionMatrix,
    viewportArray, modelPointArrayResults);

modelPointArrayResults[0] = <'x' model coordinate value>
modelPointArrayResults[1] = <'y' model coordinate value>
modelPointArrayResults[2] = <'z' model coordinate value>