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[WORK IN PROGRESS] Helper module for your SilverStripe blog to get social media images generated on demand
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Social Sharing images for SilverStripe Blogs

This is work in progress and not production-ready! Please be considered while testing it. There might be breaking changes coming until the first stable release!

A simple helper to generate & store social media sharing images for the SilverStripe Blog module. It uses mainly:

Please consider linking back to Imageee itself or Thomas Petracco's personal website as a thank you for his continued effort 🙏️

How does it work?

Basically it generates an image using Imageee from title and the featured blog image, downloads it into an folder in the assets and services the image using Innoweb's module.

Requirements: What do you need?

The module is fairly simple and doesn't require much to work:


Please use the composer package manager to install the module:

composer require bringyourownideas/silverstripe-social-sharing-images

If you're using composer, the SilverStripe maintenance module it will automatically include this module in future update checks.


Each respective part of this has it's own maintainer:

Development and contribution

If you would like to make contributions to this module, please raise a pull request or open an issue to chat.


See License.

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