Docker build environment for PSORTb
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Docker build environment for PSORTb

##Quick Start

    $ git clone && cd psortb-docker
    $ make build
    $ make run

Then point your browser at http://localhost/ to start PSORTing (or whatever host your Docker runs on).

More words

The full list of available commands:

     make build        - Build image lairdm/psortb
     make push         - Push lairdm/psortb to public docker repo
     make run          - Run psortb container
     make start        - Start the EXISTING psortb container
     make stop         - Stop psortb container
     make restart      - Stop and start psortb container
     make remove       - Stop and remove psortb container
     make state        - View state psortb container
     make logs         - View logs in real time

The Docker image exposes port 80, if this doesn't work for you, rather than "make run" you can manually start up the image using a different port.

    $ docker run -d -p 8000:80 --restart=always --name psortb lairdm/psortb:1.0.0