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Lightweight toast aka flash message support for Angular JS apps:

  • allows multiple toasts to be enqueued
  • toasts can be displayed immediately or at a later time, such as after a view change
  • must cycle through the toasts queue deliberately with
  • expects only one listening directive <tj:toast></tj:toast> within DOM

View Live Demo

Using in your app

To install to an app using Bower, use:

$ bower install --save angular-tj-toast

Otherwise, clone this git repository.

Source dist/angular-tj-toast.min.js and dist/angular-tj-toast.min.css within your HTML.

Add tjToast as a dependency to your Angular app module and other desired places:

var app = angular.module('yourApp', ['tjToast']);

app.controller('yourController', ['$scope','tjToast', function($scope, tjToast) {

  $scope.toastTest = function(){
      level: 'success',
      text: 'A great success!'


Place a listening directive once within your HTML:


Trigger the above example with a button click within your HTML:

<button type="button" ng-click="toastTest()">Toast Test</button>

Please look to the live demo and its source within the demo directory of this repository for additional examples and inspiration.

Development Dependencies

If you do not have Node.js installed, consider installing it via nvm:

$ curl | sh
$ source ~/.bashrc

Then install latest Node.js version, set it as the default, and check to make sure it installed correctly:

$ nvm install 4.1.1
$ nvm alias default 4.1.1
$ node -v

Then, to install Bower globally, use:

$ npm install -g bower

Developing tjToast

View Node.js dependencies in package.json and Bower dependencies in bower.json.

To install all Node.js dependencies, use:

$ npm install

To install all Bower dependencies, use:

$ bower install

To install gulp globally and avoid gulp: command not found error, use:

$ npm install -g gulp

Once all dependencies are installed; run the development server, use:

$ gulp serve

Now, visit http://localhost:9000

Using browser-sync via the configuration in gulpfile.js will automatically reload the browser on various source changes and automatically inject CSS on its source change.

Running Tests

To execute jshint syntax test, use:

$ gulp jshint

To execute all unit tests, use:

$ gulp karma

To execute end-to-end (e2e) tests, use:

$ gulp protractor

If Error: No selenium server jar found at the specified location, then run:

$ gulp webdriver_update

To execute all 3 above tests (in sequence), use:

$ gulp test

Both Karma and Protractor tests use Jasmine for their syntax.


To create minified JS and CSS source files within the dist directory, use:

$ gulp build


angular-tj-toast is released under the MIT License


Toast aka Flash Message support for Angular JS apps







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