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<!-- Copyright 2008-2010 StatusNet Inc. and contributors. -->
<!-- Document licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported. See -->
<!-- for details. -->

You can post messages to using a [Jabber]( client
on your computer, mobile phone, or other platform. ([GTalk](,
Google's Jabber program, will also work.) This can be a convenient way to keep
up with your friends on

If you don't already have a Jabber account, you can use GTalk or one of the other
[public Jabber services]( You'll probably also
need an IM client like [Pidgin](

Managing your IM settings

Use the [IM settings](%%action.imsettings%%) page to set your IM preferences. You can add or change your Jabber address and set the flags for Jabber update.

When you add or change your address, you'll receive a message from **%%xmpp.user%%@%%xmpp.server%%** asking you to confirm the change. (You may need to
add %%xmpp.user%%@%%xmpp.server%% to your buddy list *before* changing your IM
settings; this is definitely true for GTalk.)

Sending updates

You send updates by sending messages to %%xmpp.user%%@%%xmpp.server%%. Messages
should be less than %%site.textlimit%% characters; longer messages will be truncated.


You can do some minor management of your account through Jabber. These are the
currently-implemented commands:

* **on**: Turn on notifications. You'll receive copies of messages by people
  you subscribe to.
* **off**: Turn off notifications. You'll no longer receive Jabber
* **stop**: Same as 'off'
* **quit**: Same as 'off'
* **help**: Show this help. List available Jabber/XMPP commands
* **follow &lt;nickname&gt;**: Subscribe to &lt;nickname&gt;
* **sub &lt;nickname&gt;**: Same as follow
* **leave &lt;nickname&gt;**: Unsubscribe from &lt;nickname&gt;
* **unsub &lt;nickname&gt;**: Same as leave
* **d &lt;nickname&gt; &lt;text&gt;**: Send direct message to &lt;nickname&gt; with message body &lt;text&gt;
* **get &lt;nickname&gt;**: Get last notice from &lt;nickname&gt;
* **last &lt;nickname&gt;**: Same as 'get'
* **whois &lt;nickname&gt;**: Get Profile info on &lt;nickname&gt;
* **fav &lt;nickname&gt;**: Add user's last notice as a favorite
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