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<title>Copyrights information</title>
<h1>Copyright and license</h1>
<p>All original textual content except Wikinews original textual content is
licensed under the <a href="" title="Wikipedia Copyrights">
GNU Free Documentation License</a> (GFDL).
Text written by some authors may be released under additional licenses
or into the public domain. Some text (including quotations) may
be used under fair use, usually where it is believed that the use
will also be fair dealing outside the United States (US). Note that material
used as "fair use" under United States law may not be legal to
reproduce outside the US. See
<a href="">Fair use</a> for more information.</p>
<p>As of 2005-09-25 all Wikinews textual content is licensed under the
<a href="" title="Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License">Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License</a>,
All Wikinews material published prior to that date (2005-09-25) is in the public domain.</p>
<p>The Wikimedia Foundation Inc. does not hold copyright on any text
except where such text was produced by the Foundation.</p>
<p>Image copyright information is contained in the image description page
inside the text dumps. Many images are NOT released under the GFDL;
these may be fair use or non-commercial images and their use may be
illegal outside Wikipedia or in a different context than they are used
on Wikipedia.</p>
<p>Both the text and images are almost certain to contain some
copyright infringements which have not yet been noticed and removed.
Your use of this material is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please let us know about
any copyright infringements you find, so they can be removed.</p>
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