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Loreley installation
1. zlib (
2. Oracle Berkeley DB (
3. libevent (
4. Boost (
5. A reasonably good C++ compiler (gcc4 is fine, gcc3.4 is okay, 2.95
is right out).
Boost only needs the header files, it does not have to be compiled.
After you extract the archive, use "--with-boost=/path/to/boost_1_33_1".
To prepare (only if building from SVN):
$ sh
To build:
$ ./configure [--with-zlib=<path>] [--with-bdb=<path>] [--with-libevelt=<path>] \
[--with-boost=<path>] [--prefix=<path>]
$ make
$ make install
The file src/loreley/ can be a problem for some compilers.
GCC 3.4 will use ~350MB RAM and take several minutes to compile it. If
possible use GCC 4.1, which is much faster and uses less memory. Intel
C/C++ 9.1 is also good. This file also emits a long warning when compiled
which can be ignored.
GNU "make" is not required. However, "make" must be in your path at the
time you run configure, otherwise use "MAKE=/path/to/make ./configure".
Other variables:
CC C compiler
CXX C++ compiler
CPPFLAGS Additional flags for compilation
CFLAGS Additional flags for compilation and linking
LDFLAGS Additional flags for linking
An example configuration is provided as "loreley.conf.example". Copy that to
<prefix>/etc/loreley.conf and edit as needed.
Problems/questions/comments: <>.
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