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Wap Wikipedia.
This is an often quick and dirty Hack for
made by Purodha Blissenbach,

It is based on hawpedia,
using the HAWHAW library,
Little attempts have been made to improve the existing code,
but some limitations were lifted and errors removed.

Necessary to do:
* /lang/es/tanslations.php
  - to be checked and translations corrected / completed.
* /lang/nds/*
  - to be checked and translations corrected / completed.
* /config.php
  - should likely be taylored.

+ Name changed from Hawpedia to Wikipedia
+ several texts adapted.
+ "spoken Wikipedia" switched off
+ square brackets surrounding links removed.
  (can be switched back on in config.php)
+ Wikipedia globe logo added to all non-wp-pages
  (currently 16x16px, 32x32px, 58x58px, 81x81px logos available,
  can be set in ./hawiki/
  + those page are laid out more equally.
+ language selection:
  + can ignore browsers language preference and always
    use default language as per setting in config.php
  + can extract language preference from subdomain name
    as per setting in config.php
+ all embedded html entities (•, Ä, ...)
  are now correctly converted to Unicode.
+ "magic word" control elements (e.g. __TOC__)
  are always not treated as text and are removed.
+ images can be switched off in config.php
+ images inline with text working now.
+ image scaling:
  + uses width from wikicode if less than max permitted
    (max set in config.php to 128px)
  + some image types are always scaled so as to force
    them through type conversion.
+ image loading:
  + images are loaded directly from the wikipedia
    if possible
  + they may be coming from either the Wikipedia istself
    or Wikimedia commons.
  + on-the-fly conversion for image types not supported by
    WAP devices is done through new local /image.php
+ Template, parser function and constant expansion added.
  It uses the Special:ExpandTemplates interface, and
  can be switched off in config.php
  [Does not appear to actually exist. --brion 2008-05]
+ Language es (spanish) added. (Few translations are incomplete)
+ Language nds (lower saxon) added. (Some incomplete translations)
+ Lanugage ksh (Kölsch/Ripuarian languages) added.
+ whatever I forgot to mention :-)
+ 2008-05-24: Page loading switched from Special:Export to API
+ 2008-05-24: Search switched from broken screen-scrape to API
+ 2008-05-24: Titles with "&" now display correctly.
+ 2008-05-25: Transparent PNGs now flattened on white BG instead of black
+ 2008-05-26: Image thumb lookups now done via API for future-proofing,
  correction of name normalization issues, and safety for the image.php

Open Issues:
* Image exceeding the (unknown) file size restriction of
  target devices are not detected and may cause errors.
* Transparency in SVG and PNG images is not preserved
  during conversion to GIF format.
* Expanded templates loose their parser property of being
  treated as if at a line break when inserted into the
  wikitext as they are. Thus wiki syntax like == or {|
  may go undetected.

Nice to be done (not necessarily in this order):

- some embedded html to be treated
- wiki table styntax to be treated.
- wikilinks having a name space must not be ignored.
  + localized name space names to be recognized.

- Opera: Unicode or document type problem.

- alignment?
  + can WAP2 have text float around images?
- show text associated with an image, if present.
- associate links to local WP image page with images. How?


Merge with HawPedia V1.1
(by Norbert Huffschmid -

Step 1:
- added language support for
  o czech
  o hungarian
  o portuguese
  o serbian
- completed spanish translation file
- settings: display available languages in localized style
- fixed wiki parser ( for image handling

Step 2:
- use of latest
- renamed HAWIKI_WIKIPEDIA_ICON to HAWPEDIA icon and moved it from to config.php
- copyright.php: handle external and wikipedia links to gfdl
- default language: english
- removed template expansion (dead code)
- updated remove_section() (hawpedia.php)
- updated REDIRECT syntax
- added english and german phone phrases (spoken wikipedia preparation)
- fixed accept-language detection (hawpedia.php)
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