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== wikiSDK ==
wikiSDK is an attempt at creating a developer frendly SDK (Software Development Kit) for MediaWiki.

== Included ==
Included in the SDK are the scripts for use with the SDK and a copy of Xerver4 [1] to act as the WebServer.


== Usage ==
=== Use on Windows ===
* Python (The latest version can be installed from
* cygwin (SDK Scripts are written in Bash; Use the setup.exe script downloaded from
* Subversion (TortoiseSVN is helpfull for a UI form, but you will need the cygwin package for the bash scripts)
* PHP Binaries (Recomended package is the PHP zip package from
* MySQL binaries (Recomended package is the one Without installer from
    You can unzip that into a directory then copy the my-medium.ini to my.ini in the same directory and you're good to go)

[1] Checkout the SDK from Subversion.
  svn checkout wikiSDK/
[2] cd into your wikiSDK directory using the Cygwin terminal.
[3] Run `./config` and enter in the paths and data needed. Remember to run from the cygwin terminal so cygpath is used to correct things.
[4] Run `./server config` to create a new webserver configuration file.
[5] Run `./setup webdocs` to create the basic helper documents in the webroot and `./setup phpmyadmin` to get a copy of pypMyAdmin for
      administration of your sql server.
[6] When you need to use the webserver to view things, just type `./server web` to start it up. ctrl+c or close the window to shutdown.
[7] When you need to use the sql server, just type `./server sql` to start it up. ctrl+c to shutdown.

=== Use on Mac OS X ===

=== Use on Linux ===
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