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README for the Gadgets extension
Copyright © 2007 Daniel Kinzler
Licenses: GNU General Public Licence (GPL)
          GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)

The Gadgets extension provides a way for users to pick JavaScript or CSS
based "gadgets" that other wiki users provide.


The Gadgets extension was originally written by Daniel Kinzler in 2007
and is released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL).
The internationalization files may contain contributions by several people;
they should be mentioned in each file individually.

== Installing ==
Copy the Gadgets directory into the extensions folder of your
MediaWiki installation. Then add the following lines to your
LocalSettings.php file (near the end):

  require_once( "$IP/extensions/Gadgets/Gadgets.php" );

== Usage ==
The list of available gadgets is defined on MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition.
Gadgets defined there show up in the "Gadgets" section of
Special:Preferences, so users can pick the gadgets they would like to use.
An overview of the gadgets defined by MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition is also
shown on Special:Gadgets, along with links to the respective system
messages, for easy editing.

Each line in MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition that start with one or more "*"
(asterisk) characters defines a gadget; it must have the following form:

  * mygadget|mygadget.js|mygadget.css

That is, each line consists of fields separated by a "|" (pipe) character.
The first field ("mygadget" in the example) is the gadgets internal name,
and references a system message (MediaWiki:Gadget-mygadget in the example)
that contains a short description of the gadget, using wiki syntax.
Note that the internal name must start with a ASCII letter, and must
contain only ASCII letter and numbers, hyphens ("-"), underscores ("_"),
colons (":"), and periods (".") (spaces are also allowed but converted to
underscores ("_"), like for page titles).

The remaining fields on the line refer to the JavaScript or CSS code that
makes up the gadget, contained in system messages
(MediaWiki:Gadget-mygadget.js and MediaWiki:Gadget-mygadget.css in the
example); the names of those messages must end with ".js" or ".css",
respectively. A gadget can use any number of code messages, specifically,
common code can be put into a code message used by several gadgets, in
addition to their own specific code, e.g:

  * frobinator|commonStuff.js|frob.js|frob.css|pretty.css
  * l33t|commonStuff.js|tools.js|l33t.js

The list of gadgets in MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition can be broken into
sections using lines that start and end with two or more "=" (equals)
characters, enclosing the name of a system message that defines the
section's name - for example:

  == editing-gadgets ==

This would define a new section, with the title defined on the page

== Caveats ==

* Requires MediaWiki 1.11alpha, revision 24477 or later.
* Gadgets do not apply to Special:Preferences, so users can always disable
  any broken gadgets they may have enabled.
* Uses BeforePageDisplay hook, thus only works with MonoBook based skins;
  specifically, does not work with CologneBlue.
* Gadget code is included after user code - that means that user JS has no
  access to things defined in gadgets, and user CSS is overwritten by CSS
  from gadgets. (pending a better way to insert things into the HTML head)
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