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* mwEmbed version 1.2
* for details see:
* For an overview of all mwEmbed files see: 
* All Metavid Wiki code is Released under the GPL2
* @author Michael Dale, 
* @email

Major refactoring lots of new interfaces (full release info to follow shortly)

* added msg system for compatibility with translations
* add support for relative file or path names for media files for cortado.
* added support for safari
** will force load javascript instead of DOM injection
** slower on pages without video clips
* added "experimental" support for "sequences" and editing. (see
* improved playlists usage

* add support for playlists, basic usage: <playlist id="plid" src="playlist.xml"/>
	* see sample_page.php for example usage of playlist
* better support for different resolutions.
* inline playlist:

* adds support for oggplay with playhead:
* adds linkback support (for adding a link back to a particular page)
* adds config value for selecting cortado in an iframe or loaded in the page

v.3 an intermediary release: supports vlc, basic cortado, basic mplayer/totem
well tested browsers are firefox & IE 6 (more testing needed for more browsers)

the goal of mv_embed is to create a complete/wrapper fall back system for
the liboggplay API:

& integrate the video element as close as possible with the html5 spec:

it attempts to wrap these calls for the following players:
I try to include a link to their Javascript apis if I can find one:

(initially just cortado and vlc)
cortado applet: a custom build of the fluendos java based applet
(included with the mv_embed package in the future we should get a signed applet hosted
so that cross domain video playing does not require a copy of cortado+iframe on that server)

vlc plugin: video lan client plugin

mplayer plugin: the mplayer plugin


Sample Usage:
<script type="text/javascript" src="mv_embed.js" />
<video id="video_id" src="video_url"></video>

once the page loads the video_id object is rewritten as an mv_embed object

Supported Attributes for <video> tag:
type 	name  		[default] 	description
bool    autoplay    [false]  	if the clip should play on page load
bool    controls   	[true]  	if the default interface should be displayed (see interface)
string  id          null    	the id of the html element useful for grabbing the video object
string  src			null		the url src for the video file
string  thumbnail   logo    	the thumbnail to be displayed a frame grab is ideal.
string  linkback    link    	a info link back for more info about this stream
								(useful for when the clip is embed externally)
int     width       [320]   	the video display width
int     height      [240]   	the video display height
bool    embed_link  [ture] 	 	if the html to embed this clip on an external page should be displayed
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