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GeneaProve is a web-based genealogical software.

As opposed to most genealogical software out there, it is based on the Gentech data model, designed by a group of experts.

This model is based on the concept of assertions (positive or negative). Every time you find a source of information, you extract and record a number of facts from it ("The person X was born on that date, her mother was Y). You can then match the persons mentioned in those documents with those already in your database, making assertions ("The person X must be the same as P, already in my database, because of such and such reason"). As a result, you can record any number of information for each person in your database (multiple birth dates, when there are ambiguities for instance).

The traditional behavior with other genealogical applications is to then delete one of those birth dates if you find extra information that makes you think it was wrong. But not with Geneaprove. Instead, you would simply transform that into a negative assertion ("Person X cannot be born at that date because..."). Geneaprove will no longer show you that date by default, but the information is still there. That way, when you find another reference to a person with the same name and that date, you know that can't be the right date.

So far, the above scenario is partially supported in Geneaprove: it supports negative assertions, but will not currently let you edit the database (you can only import existing information from some other software through a GEDCOM file.

But this is coming soon!


Check the README file, which contains the most up-to-date information on how to get started with Geneaprove. Here is an executive summary:

  • Download and install the python installer for your machine (usually not needed on Linux).

  • Download and install the precompiled sqlite for your machine (usually not needed on Windows).

  • Download and install the latest official release of Django. You will need 7-zip or Winzip to unpack the archive, and then you will need to run the python command listed on the download page

  • Change settings.py if appropriate to reflect the database engine and name you wish to use.

  • Run geneaprove.py, which creates an empty database and starts the server. You can import your existing GEDCOM data directly by connecting to that server with a web browser.




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