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Code Fellows 301 Final Project: Dinner And A Movie

Dinner And A Movie on Heroku

Have you ever wanted to seamlessly facilitate the classic date night scenario of dinner and a movie? Have you ever arrived at the theater with extra time and an extra appetite but are unfamiliar with the area and where to eat?

Dinner And A Movie will show you nearby theaters and corresponding restaurants based on a user input address. It will also connect you with real reviews and links to restaurant menus.

Our search results provide users with:

  • Theater address
  • Theater information and reviews
  • Surrounding restaurants within a half-mile radius
  • Restaurant reviews, information, and links to menus

User Stories


  • As a user I want to find a theater and a nearby restaurant to eat at before the movie
  • As a user I want to see reviews and facility information in a pop-up window
  • As a user I want a clean and simple interface to work on
  • As a user I want the ability to view the app on a mobile device


  • As a developer I want my app to have mobile friendly CSS
  • As a developer I want to create a single-page application
  • As a developer I want to follow MVC design pattern
  • As a developer I want to have a clean and simple UI/UX

About the Hackers:

Build in only 4 days for the final project of Codefellows 301.

Lindsay Gilbert

Enrique Rico

Brianna Burrows

Logan Abshur

Third Party Sources:

  • Google Places API
  • Google Maps API
  • JQuery


This is a product that allows users to find a place to watch a movie in theaters and find restaurants within a certain proximity of the theater.




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