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This repository contains the source and hardware for a High Altitude Balloon (HAB) tracker based around a Raspberry Pi Zero. The Pi Zero V1.3 includes a camera connector, so we can use a Sony IMX219 camera to return live images.

This design is optimised for weight-constrained payloads that use solar panels for power. If you're new to HAB or using a Latex weather balloon, then check out the awesome Pi in the Sky project instead!


Mass Budget

Part Mass
Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3 9g
Raspberry Pi Camera 3.5g
5F Supercap 7g
Solar panels to supply 400mA @ 4.8V 15.2g
pico-pi hardware 8g
Thermal insulation 3g
Wire for antennas 3g

Current Total: 48.7g Target: 50g