Documentation, Changelog and Issues related to the British Cycling RTPE endpoint
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British Cycling Let's Ride Open Data

Open Data Endpoint - a feed of the data from


The data is published to conform to Openactive Realtime Paged Data Exchange 0.2.3.

Issues, Questions and Comments

Please raise any issues, questions or comments as a new issue in this repository.

Data Fields

Data Field Example Value Description
"CalendarEventID" 42831 Internal ID of the session
"EventType" "Sky Ride" Type of event, one of: "Sky Ride" (NGB organised); "Ride Social" (User Submitted)
"Title" "Sky Ride Birmingham" Session title
"StartDateTime" "2014-07-20T11:00:00" Start time of session
"CityName" "Birmingham" City of ride, not related to location
"Postcode" "B13 8RD" Postcode of meeting location
"Location" "Whitwell- Rutland Cycling" Free text location, not an address, do not attempt to Geocode this field
"SuitableFor" "Anyone" One of "Women and Children", "Women Only", "Adults 16+ only". Note that the "Age Restrictions" calculated field on the Go Sky Ride site is populated when this field is set to "Adults 16+ only"
"Difficulty" "Easygoing" One of "Easygoing", "Steady" or "Challenging"
"BikeSuitability" "Mountain Bike;Road;Hybrid (road tyres);Hybrid (off road tyres);" Semi-colon delimited list of bike types
"Description" "" Full text description of the ride, with HTML tags stripped
"GroupName" "Lincoln Cycle Chimps" Name of riding group, especially when related to Ride Social rides
"Pace" "Slow (below 8 mph)" Pace of the ride
"EstimatedDurationCyclingMins" 60 Minutes cycling
"EstimatedDurationTotalMins" 90 Total minutes in session including cycling
"RideDistanceMiles" 5 Ride Distance
"StartLatitude" 52.45082082040742
"StartLongitude" -1.8999221725943267
"Permitted" 100000 Maximum number or riders permitted to attend the session (100000 = unlimited)
"BookedPreRide" 78 Number of riders booked before the ride started
"Booked" 78 Number of riders booked total
"Free" 0 Free places remaining
"Publish" false Ride is published on the public website. Value "false" should be considered as a deleted record.
"Link" "" URL of session on Sky Ride site.
"LastUpdated" 19523983 Record last updated timestamp


Date Changes
4/07/2016 Initial version published