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British Triathlon Open Active Data



The data feed is published to conform to OpenActive Realtime Paged Data Exchange 1.0 and OpenActive Modelling Opportunity Data, using features from the OpenActive Beta Namespace.


  • Our latitude/longitude values were previously saved to 2 decimal places. We have changed this to 6 decimal places now but it will take a while for all our events to be updated to the higher degree of accuracy.

Issues, Questions and Comments

Please raise any issues, questions or comments as a new issue in this repository.

Custom Data Fields

In addition to the data fields in the Opportunity Data Model, there are also some custom data fields unique to British Triathlon's implementation.

These are prefixed with "btf:" and their purpose is explained below.

Data Field Type Example Value Description
btf:swimType string "Open Water - Lake" The type of swim that is taking place. Only appears for events which have a swim stage.
btf:draftLegal boolean true Whether the cycle leg of the event is draft-legal. If false, the field is not shown and so the event is draft-illegal
btf:componentEvent array Contains Event objects which are the individual stages within a race. See github proposal
btf:raceTypes array ["Super Sprint Triathlon","Sprint Distance Triathlon","Standard Distance Triathlon","Middle Distance Triathlon","Long Distance Triathlon","Duathlon","Aquathlon","Cross Triathlon","Cross Duathlon","Winter Triathlon","Childrens Triathlon","Childrens Duathlon","Childrens Aquathlon","Aquabike","GO TRI","Swim","Relay","Novice Triathlon","Mixed Team Relay"] Details what races are available within the event
btf:eventFeatures array ["Aid stations","Camping","Catering","Chip Timing","Distance markers","Finishers Medal","Numbered racking","Prizes","Results on website","Secure transition","Suitable for Para-tri","T-Shirt","Traffic free"] Specific features which are available at the event
btf:qualifier boolean true Whether the event contains a Great Britain Age-Group Team qualifying race. If false, the field is not shown and so the event does not contain a qualifier
btf:expectedCompetitors integer 200 Shows the estimated number of participants an organiser expects in their event. See github proposal


Date Changes
2018-12-18 Updates to conform with the Modelling Spec V2
2018-07-03 Initial version published


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