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This Defold project should mostly be considered as a deprecated and early attempt at showing ads in a Defold game. Since version 1.2.97 Defold supports native extensions. With native extensions it has become a lot easier to integrate ad SDKs from various ad providers. There are currently several community initiatives to create native extensions for some popular ad providers. Please refer to the Defold Asset Portal for more information.

Defold Ads library project

This project is a Defold library project that can be used in Defold games and applications targeting mobile devices to show ads provided by several different ad networks. The library currently supports:

The following ad networks have been tested but not successfully integrated (more details below):


The project leverages the webview component released with Defold 1.2.84. This means that you must run at least Defold 1.2.84 to show ads using the library project.


Installing and using this project in your game involves the following steps:

Step 1 - Create ad network accounts

Sign up to one or more of the supported ad networks. Depending on the chosen ad network you might also need to create one or more ads, campaigns, placements or similar. Follow the instructions on the respective ad networks dashboard or self service portal.

Step 2 - Add the Defold Ads library project as a dependency

Open the game.project file for the project in which you intend to include ads. In the Dependencies field in the Project section add the URL to the zip file of one of the available releases of the Defold Ads library project. If you are uncertain how to do this then it is recommended that you read more about setting up library dependencies in the official documentation.

Once you have the dependency added to your game.project file you can fetch the dependency so that it is included in your Project Explorer. You fetch your library dependencies using the Project->Fetch Libraries menu option in the Defold editor.

When you have done Fetch Libraries you should see a new folder named defads in the project explorer. This folder contains the code and assets provided by the Defold Ads library project.

Step 3 - Include the game objects for chosen ad networks

Each of the supported ad networks has a corresponding game object file in in the Defold Ad library project (e.g. /defads/leadbolt/leadbolt.go). Add the game objects for the ad networks you wish to use to a collection in your project. You will interact with these game objects using message passing so it's important that the game objects are available and loaded when you wish to show ads in your game.

Step 4 - Show ads

You show an ad by posting a message to the added game object. The message and message data is specific to each ad network and the details of how to use each ad network is described below.

Step 5 - Set up and forward IAC invocations

Some ads will generate a close button that can be used to close the ad and return to the game. The button will generate an IAC callback (Inter-App Communication) which is a Defold mechanism to allow apps to exchange data (or in this case the ad and the running app). If you are not already using the IAC module in Defold you first need to set up a listener to receive IAC invocations:

iac.set_listener(function(self, payload, type)
	-- handle iac callbacks here

Once you have IAC setup you need to forward any IAC callbacks to ads that you are showing:

iac.set_listener(function(self, payload, type)"url_to_ad_go", "iac", { payload = payload }) -- do this for every ad you are showing


Once you have gone through and setup the steps described in the installation section above your app is ready to display ads. Follow the instructions below to show ads from the different ad networks:

Showing Leadbolt ads

You show a Leadbolt ad by posting the following message:"url_to_leadbolt_go", "show", { section_id = 1234 })

Where section_id corresponds to the section id as shown in the code snippet provided by Leadbolt for each ad placement you create in the Leadbolt developer portal.

Showing Appnext ads

The Appnext game object supports Appnext Interstitial and Video ads. You show interstitial and video ads by posting one of the following messages:"url_to_addnext_go"), "show_interstitial", { android_id = "your-android-id", ios_id = "your-ios-id" })"url_to_addnext_go"), "show_video", { android_id = "your-android-id", ios_id = "your-ios-id" })

Where android_id and ios_id corresponds to the placement id for the apps created in the Appnext self-service portal.

Showing Adcash ads

You show an Adcash ad by posting the following message:"url_to_adcash_go", "show", { zone_id = 1234 })

Where zone_id corresponds to the zone id as shown in the zones section of the Adcash console.

Showing Giftgaming ads

You show a Giftgaming ad by posting the following message:"url_to_giftgaming_go", "show", { apikey = "12345abcde", test = false })

Where apikey corresponds to the Giftgaming API key as shown in the Giftgaming dashboard.

You can also prefetch a GiftGaming ad and get a callback when the ad is available:"url_to_giftgaming_go", "prefetch", { apikey = "12345abcde", test = false })

This will post either a prefetch_ok or prefetch_failed message back to the sender. If prefetch_ok is received there's a 30 second window to post a show message as seen above to show the prefetched ad.


When an ad is closed it will post an ad_closed message back to the game object which posted the show message, as described above. If something goes wrong while showing the ad an ad_error message will be posted instead.

Unsupported ad networks

Below follows some notes on ad networks that were tested but failed to function properly.

Facebook Audience Network

It does not seem to be possible to load Facebook Audience Network ads from file:// (the Facebook script complains about an empty 'origin' when the ad is loading). If the ad is hosted from a webpage I get "Audience Network error (1001) No fill. We are not able to serve ads to this person. Please refer to" Even though my user is Admin for the project in question and signed in from Chrome I get the same response. On iOS nothing is shown in the log. It could be that this would work for other users but that has not been tested.


If you come across a bug or have any questions about this project then please post the on the official Defold forum.


We happily accept pull requests for bugfixes and improvements or if you have added support for more ad networks.


Since this library leverages the webview component in Defold it means that the library only can support ad networks with HTML5 or mobile web support. No native SDKs can at the time of writing be used in Defold.

The current webview implementation in Defold is full screen only. This means that it is not possible to show banner ads or similar on top of your game content. This is likely to change in the near future. Please keep an eye on the release notes for upcoming releases and make your voice heard on the forum if you wish to increase the priority of this work.


This library is released under the same Terms and Conditions as the Defold editor and service itself.