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Adaptive Icons example for Android
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Adaptive Icons for Android

This project shows how to use adaptive icons for Android builds. The Defold bundler doesn't yet support adaptive icons in game.project, but it's quite easy to configure the Android build to use adaptive icons anyway thanks to the fact that resources can be bundles "as-is" directly into the APK. This is achieved by adding a new entry bundle_resources to the project setting of game.project:

title = Adaptive Icon
bundle_resources = /assets/bundle

This will copy any files under /asset/bundle/android into the folder structure of the APK. The android manifest used by Defold expects the icon to exist as @drawable/icon and we use this fact to provide an icon.xml for all resolutions on Android API level 26 and above. The icon.xml is an adaptive icon resources which in turn references background and foreground images for the adaptive icon.

Creating launcher icons

Useful tool for generating launcher icons in various sizes:

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