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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<iso:title>Test ISO Schematron File for DDMSence (DDMS 5.0)</iso:title>
<iso:ns prefix='ddms' uri='urn:us:mil:ces:metadata:ddms:5' />
<iso:ns prefix='ism' uri='urn:us:gov:ic:ism' />
<iso:ns prefix='gml' uri='' />
<iso:ns prefix='xlink' uri='' />
<!-- This rule employs the XPath 2.0 function, tokenize(). This nonsensical test requires
that every instance of gml:pos in a DDMS resource be centered on the FGM building in Reston, VA. -->
<iso:pattern id="FGM_Reston_Location">
<iso:rule context="//gml:pos">
<iso:let name="firstCoord" value="number(tokenize(text(), ' ')[1])"/>
<iso:let name="secondCoord" value="number(tokenize(text(), ' ')[2])"/>
<iso:assert test="$firstCoord = 38.95">The first coordinate in a gml:pos element must be 38.95 degrees.</iso:assert>
<iso:assert test="$secondCoord = -77.36">The second coordinate in a gml:pos element must be -77.36 degrees.</iso:assert>