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+What you'll get when you realize what this is.

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If this is what I think it is, you are crazy. OTOH, The Bash maintainers have been talking on and off about putting in a real VM for over a decade now. I am 100% certain that back in the 2.05 times, there was an honest discussion about putting Bash 3.0 on Parrot.


Haha, is it that transparent? :) I guess I'm not very good with camouflage names.

It seems like a pretty good idea to me. We can run config.guess without needing sh installed since a running Ruby is required to bootstrap Rubinius anyway. I guess I'll see....


Oh, wow. That angle hadn't even occurred to me. That's pretty cool! And, well, after Poison, Rascal, Tofu, Syme, Tim, CloXure, Gor and Charm, it wasn't that hard to figure out what the project was probably about ...


If someone (@wayneeseguin) are going to insist on releasing huge bash applications, it would be wonderful to have a bash-on-rubinius implementation for development.


@drnic, to be fair, using ruby scripts to manage a ruby managing application seems fraught with fail.


Surely, from an RVM/BSDM development perspective, having a more powerful bash (profiling, debugging, etc) would be better? Users would use their local bash in production.


I apologise for using the word "surely".


I love the idea. Bash-on-rbx is all sorts of exciting.

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