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-An implementation of Newspeak on the Rubinius VM.
+What is Newspeak?
+Newspeak is a programming language in the Smalltalk/Self tradition by Gilad
+Bracha, Peter Ahe, Vassili Bykov, Eliot Miranda, Bill Maddox, and Yaron
+Kashai. See
+Newspeak is still an experimental language. Consequently, documentation for
+Newspeak is incomplete. A reference implementation runs in the Squeak system.
+There appear to be two primary references:
+ "The Newspeak Programming Platform" May 6, 2008
+ "Newspeak Programming Language Draft Specification v0.05" Dec 11, 2009
+What is Syme?
+Syme is an implementation of Newspeak that runs on the Rubinius VM.
+Rather than use the existing Newspeak parser, a bootstrap parser and compiler
+using Ruby are being written. The disadvantage of this is the effort to ensure
+that the parser matches the current implementation. The advantage is a
+bootstrap system for Newspeak independent of Squeak/Smalltalk.

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