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img multi-column form gif May 28, 2015 Update Mar 26, 2015 wiki is a Bootstrap Builder to design, create and edit responsive websites and user interface. A cloud-based service for front-end developers, web developers and designers. is a visual editor which allows you to create website layouts by dragging Bootstrap components onto a canvas. Once you are happy with the design it is a simple matter of exporting the HTML. has a number of pre-made free templates which you can choose from to customise. is an online visual editor and more than that:

  • With the interface you can add bricks (components) to a web page: either by clicking on a brick in the left side panel and then clicking again in a designated area on the canvas or you can use the drag-and-drop method.
  • The side panel shows all the components in groups. You can collapse one or more groups to get an overview of relevant bricks. also contains a Favourite Bricks panel.
  • Editing bricks can be done by clicking on a brick in the canvas panel. This opens the properties panel and properties window when applicable.
  • You can also edit html code directly. At the bottom of the canvas you see Design / Code / Split buttons.
  • The same for CSS files. Select CSS file from the drop down list and click Open (CSS) button.
  • If you want to edit any existing file, go to the File Manager panel and double click on the file name.
  • You can add the names of co-workers and clients to a project, which allows them to collaborate on a project or add comments to (each brick) of your design.
  • contains the Bootstrap components and allows you to work with LESS files to design a theme.

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