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Brix.io is a Bootstrap Builder that allows you to design, create and edit responsive user interface for websites and web or mobile apps.

Brix.io - a cloud-based service for front-end developers, web developers and designers to create responsive websites and user interfaces based on Bootstrap framework. Brix.io helps you to make them better, faster and easier than ever before. All the projects can be mastered by you and your team.

Why responsive

Websites are no longer just viewed on a desktop anymore. It's out there on a wide range of devices and users. Responsive website design has many advantages and can meet different needs of those users and their intensions.

Why brix.io

  • incorporates 200+ ready to use Bootstrap components
  • delivers simple editing with drag & drop capability
  • easy deployment - just download your ready-to-deploy project
  • no installation - all you need is a web browser to get your work done
  • cloud based - secure and instant access to your projects from anywhere
  • no need to cope with Bootstrap docs

Why Bootstrap

  • provides a clean and uniform solution to common interface tasks
  • well known front-end framework built with “mobile first” in mind
  • first class support for responsive design - looks great on all kinds of devices
  • allows all kinds of projects from prototypes to highly sophisticated designs

First time user?

  • get started with brix.io basic templates
  • upload free or commercial template to modify
  • compose your page from brix.io sections gallery

Advanced user?

  • brix.io produces well-formatted HTML, CSS & JS
  • teamwork - concurrent edit and comments in real time
  • create your own, reusable web bricks or page sections
  • share your web bricks between projects
  • .less support

Commercial template author?

  • brix.io editor is the right tool for end users
  • customers need to customize your templates in safely manner
  • non-techie users? Brixio Bot to the rescue - just add simple xml file to point out all spots in the template, which require modification