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Not registered? Register first. Go here.

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to On top menu click “Sign in”
  3. Type in your e-mail address and password.
  4. Click on “Log in” button.

After successful login you are redirected to Panel.


Panel Panel is a dashboard where you can manage:

  • projects,
  • users (contributors),
  • user profile,
  • subscription plan and payments.



After signup and successful account activation you can create first project:

  • type in the project name
  • select blank page or one of basic themes
  • click “Create project” or “Create & go to project”
Create new project

In Panel click “+ Create New Project”

  • type in project name
  • select blank page or one of basic themes
  • click “Create project” or “Create & go to project”
Upload project

If you want to add your existing project or template to, add all necessary files to ZIP archive, then upload it using this form. The maximum file size for uploads is 50 MB. Only ZIP files are allowed.

  • click “Upload your project”
  • type in project name
  • click “+ Select ZIP file” button and pick a file to upload from your local disc drive
  • the file will be uploaded and extracted to your project folder
  • click “Create project” or “Create & go to project”
Go to project

In Panel you can see all your projects. Point mouse cursor over project thumbnail and click “Go to project” button.

Delete project

Delete operation is irreversible. Please make sure you really want to delete your project. If you may need it for later use, simply download your project to local disc drive before deleting.

To delete project and all its files, point mouse cursor over project thumbnail and click trash icon. If you confirm deletion, all project's data are lost and you are not able to restore it anymore.

Project settings

Point mouse cursor over project thumbnail and click “Settings” icon. Now you can:

  • rename your project
  • add / remove contributors
  • add / remove commentators

Before you start adding co-workers to the project, you have to register them in your profile.



User is someone with access to one or more of your projects. You can set “contributor” or ”commentator” privileges to your co-working users.

  • Contributor has full access to all files in selected project
  • Commentator can comment only
  • None of them can rename or delete your project

To manage users click “Users” on panel top menu.

  • to add user click “Add New User” button and type his e-mail address. Invitation is sent, and user is added to your profile.
  • to remove existing user form your profile click icon “Remove from your account” in “Action” column of users list.

New user receives an e-mail with your invitation to accept (and activation link to his account, if neccessary).


Subscription plans offers:

  • Free trial - limited to 14 days. Downloads for a small fee within 30 days. Available switch to subscription plans:
  • Personal plan - best for one project at a time. Charged monthly.
  • Professional plan - monthly subscription for freelancers, up to 2 users and 5 active projects
  • Enterprise plan - monthly subscription for enterprise projects, unlimited

You can switch your subscription plan once a month.

All plans are subject to change. For current plans go to

See also: Free registration - no credit card required.


This section allows you to verify your current plan, next charge date, billing info, payment method and payments history.



Place for customer feedback on - there you can find Knowlege Base, FAQ, Tutorials, Wiki, howto, User forum, etc...


  • To change avatar click “Upload image” and choose source of picture (file or webcam). Image file requires a minimum width of 300px. You can crop and zoom avatar picture right after upload.

    • Enter your name and surname - let your team know who do they work with.
    • Change password when necessary. Use strong passwords.



Immediately logs off the profile currently logged into