A simple graphics request app used to show the full range of functionality offered through the Slack APIs.
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Graphics Request Slack App

This repo is for a session facilitated by me at SRCCON 2018 that goes by the same name. The project was meant to create a Slack app using as many as Slack's API functionalities as possible in order to showcase the full potential of using Slack as a front-end for newsroom tools. For notes on the session go to SESSION.md


Create a virtualenv to store the codebase.

$ virtualenv graphics-request

Activate the virtualenv.

$ cd graphics-request
$ . bin/activate

Clone the git repository from GitHub.

$ git clone https://github.com/brizandrew/slack-graphics-request repo

Enter the repo and install its dependencies.

$ cd repo
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Fill out info.py with your Slack credentials.

Start the Flask app.

$ cd app
$ python app.py


These are the routes that come with the Flask app and their intended uses:

Index: /

Used to test that the app is running

Events: /events

Used to handle all incoming requests about registered events being triggered.

New Graphic: /new-graphic

Used to handle a slash command mapped to this route which will serve a dialog.

Interactive Webhook: /slack

Used to handle all incoming interactive requests. This includes dialog submissions, interactive messages, and message actions.