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Pacemaker OCF cluster resource that pings mysql nodes same as ping or pingd
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Pacemaker OCF cluster resource that pings MySQL nodes Same as ping or pingd OCF resources

Useful in case of Master-Master MySQL replication setup for HA for grouping MySQL with VIP on an alive MySQL instance.

      |              |
      | MySQL Master |__
      |______________|  | 
            |   |       |
            |   | Repl  | VIP (moving when MySQL/node failures)
       _____V___|____   |
      |              |  |
      | MySQL Master |<–

Resource uses "mysqladmin ping" command.


We have 2 node cluster with master-master replication.

Install resource script

cd /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d
mkdir mysql; cd mysql
wget -O  mysqlping # get resource
chmod +x ./mysqlping

Configure mysqlping resource

crm configure
primitive P_MYSQLPING ocf:mysql:mysqlping params dampen=7s host_list="localhost" user="test" password="password multiplier=222 timeout="20" op monitor interval=5s timeout="30s"
clone CL_MYSQLPING P_MYSQLPING meta globally-unique="false"
location L_MYSQLPING_01 CL_MYSQLPING 100: first_master_node.local
location L_MYSQLPING_02 CL_MYSQLPING 100: second_master_node.local
property default-resource-stickiness=100

Configure default location for the MySQL VIP

crm configure
primitive P_MYSQL_IP ocf:heartbeat:IPaddr2 params ip="" nic="eth0" op monitor interval="5s"
location L_MYSQL_IP_01 P_MYSQL_IP 100: first_master_node.local
location L_MYSQL_IP_02 P_MYSQL_IP 10: second_master_node.local

Configure VIP collocation with mysqlping score

crm configure
location L_MYSQLPING_IP P_MYSQL_IP rule mysqlping: defined mysqlping
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