Common elements for the cmf. WIP, will be split into more fain grained bundles later
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This is the core bundle for the Symfony2 content management framework.

See for more information about the CMF.

This bundle provides common functionality and utilities for the other cmf bundles.

DISCLAIMER: This bundle is still in an experimental state.


This bundle depends on jackrabbit_importexport for fixtures loading. You need to add this to the autoload mechanism. Add in app/autoload.php:

$phpcr_loader = new MapFileClassLoader(


To create fixtures for the functional test, you can use the jackrabbit-importexport tool provided by the jackalope api-tests.

  1. Create your content using the editing functions you have built.
  2. Check that the structure is correct.
  3. Locate jack.jar inside doctrine-phpcr and tell it to dump a part of the tree with the exportdocument command (this can take a while). The command will look like: java -jar jack.jar exportdocument dump.xml url=http://localhost:8080 user=admin pass=admin workspace=foo transport=davex repository-base-xpath=/yournode
  4. Look into that file and adjust as needed
  5. Place the fixtures file near your test and use CmfTestCase::loadFixture to load the file into the repository. This will overwrite everything you have in that repository.


  • Clean up bundle parameters (what belongs here, what in NavigationBundle?) and allow configuration
  • more documentation