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namespace CosmosDbSampleApp.Shared
public static class AutomationIdConstants
public const string AddPersonPage_SaveButton = nameof(AddPersonPage_SaveButton);
public const string AddPersonPage_CancelButton = nameof(AddPersonPage_CancelButton);
public const string AddPersonPage_AgeEntry = nameof(AddPersonPage_AgeEntry);
public const string AddPersonPage_NameEntry = nameof(AddPersonPage_NameEntry);
public const string AddPersonPage_ActivityIndicator = nameof(AddPersonPage_ActivityIndicator);
public const string PersonListPage_PersonList = nameof(PersonListPage_PersonList);
public const string PersonListPage_ActivityIndicator = nameof(PersonListPage_ActivityIndicator);
public const string PersonListPage_AddButton = nameof(PersonListPage_AddButton);
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