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1 factoid Who is the author of the book, "The Iron Lady: A Biography of Margaret Thatcher"?
2 factoid What was the monetary value of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989?
3 factoid What does the Peugeot company manufacture?
4 factoid How much did Mercury spend on advertising in 1993?
5 factoid What is the name of the managing director of Apricot Computer?
6 factoid Why did David Koresh ask the FBI for a word processor?
7 factoid What debts did Qintex group leave?
8 factoid What is the name of the rare neurological disease with symptoms such as: involuntary movements (tics), swearing, and incoherent vocalizations (grunts, shouts, etc.)?
9 factoid How far is Yaroslavl from Moscow?
10 factoid Name the designer of the shoe that spawned millions of plastic imitations, known as "jellies".
11 factoid Who was President Cleveland's wife?
12 factoid How much did Manchester United spend on players in 1993?
13 factoid How much could you rent a Volkswagen bug for in 1966?
14 factoid What country is the biggest producer of tungsten?
15 factoid When was London's Docklands Light Railway constructed?
16 factoid What two US biochemists won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1992?
17 factoid How long did the Charles Manson murder trial last?
18 factoid Who was the first Taiwanese President?
19 factoid Who was the leader of the Branch Davidian Cult confronted by the FBI in Waco, Texas in 1993?
20 factoid Where is Inoco based?
21 factoid Who was the first American in space?
22 factoid When did the Jurassic Period end?
23 factoid When did Spain and Korea start ambassadorial relations?
24 factoid When did Nixon visit China?
25 factoid Who was the lead actress in the movie "Sleepless in Seattle"?
26 factoid What is the name of the "female" counterpart to El Nino, which results in cooling temperatures and very dry weather?
27 factoid Where did the 6th annual meeting of Indonesia-Malaysia forest experts take place?
28 factoid Who may be best known for breaking the color line in baseball?
29 factoid What is the brightest star visible from Earth?
30 factoid What are the Valdez Principles?
31 factoid Where was Ulysses S. Grant born?
32 factoid Who received the Will Rogers Award in 1989?
33 factoid What is the largest city in Germany?
34 factoid Where is the actress, Marion Davies, buried?
35 factoid What is the name of the highest mountain in Africa?
36 factoid In 1990, what day of the week did Christmas fall on?
37 factoid What was the name of the US helicopter pilot shot down over North Korea?
38 factoid Where was George Washington born?
39 factoid Who was chosen to be the first black chairman of the military Joint Chiefs of Staff?
40 factoid Who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991?
41 factoid What is the legal blood alcohol limit for the state of California?
42 factoid What was the target rate for M3 growth in 1992?
43 factoid What costume designer decided that Michael Jackson should only wear one glove?
44 factoid Who is the director of the international group called the Human Genome Organization (HUGO) that is trying to coordinate gene-mapping research worldwide?
45 factoid When did Lucelly Garcia, a former ambassador of Columbia to Honduras, die?
46 factoid Who is the mayor of Marbella?
47 factoid What company is the largest Japanese ship builder?
48 factoid Where is the massive North Korean nuclear complex located?
49 factoid Who fired Maria Ybarra from her position in San Diego council?
50 factoid When was Dubai's first concrete house built?
51 factoid Who is the president of Stanford University?
52 factoid Who invented the road traffic cone?
53 factoid Who was the first doctor to successfully transplant a liver?
54 factoid When did Nixon die?
55 factoid Where is Microsoft's corporate headquarters located?
56 factoid How many calories are there in a Big Mac?
57 factoid What is the acronym for the rating system for air conditioner efficiency?
58 factoid Name a film that has won the Golden Bear in the Berlin Film Festival?
59 factoid Who was President of Costa Rica in 1994?
60 factoid What is the fare cost for the round trip between New York and London on Concorde?
61 factoid What brand of white rum is still made in Cuba?
62 factoid What is the name of the chronic neurological autoimmune disease which attacks the protein sheath that surrounds nerve cells causing a gradual loss of movement in the body?
63 factoid What nuclear-powered Russian submarine sank in the Norwegian Sea on April 7, 1989?
64 factoid Who is the voice of Miss Piggy?
65 factoid Name a country that is developing a magnetic levitation railway system?
66 factoid Name the first private citizen to fly in space.
67 factoid What is the longest river in the United States?
68 factoid What does El Nino mean in spanish?
69 factoid Who came up with the name, El Nino?
70 factoid How many lives were lost in the China Airlines' crash in Nagoya, Japan?
71 factoid In what year did Joe DiMaggio compile his 56-game hitting streak?
72 factoid When did the original Howdy Doody show go off the air?
73 factoid Where is the Taj Mahal?
74 factoid Who leads the star ship Enterprise in Star Trek?
75 factoid What cancer is commonly associated with AIDS?
76 factoid In which year was New Zealand excluded from the ANZUS alliance?
77 factoid Who played the part of the Godfather in the movie, "The Godfather"?
78 factoid Which large U.S. city had the highest murder rate for 1988?
79 factoid What did Shostakovich write for Rostropovich?
80 factoid What is the name of the promising anticancer compound derived from the pacific yew tree?
81 factoid How many inhabitants live in the town of Ushuaia?
82 factoid How many consecutive baseball games did Lou Gehrig play?
83 factoid What is the tallest building in Japan?
84 factoid Which country is Australia's largest export market?
85 factoid Which former Ku Klux Klan member won an elected office in the U.S.?
86 factoid Who won two gold medals in skiing in the Olympic Games in Calgary?
87 factoid Who followed Willy Brandt as chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany?
88 factoid What is Grenada's main commodity export?
89 factoid At what age did Rossini stop writing opera?
90 factoid Who is the founder of Scientology?
91 factoid Which city in China has the largest number of foreign financial companies?
92 factoid Who released the Internet worm in the late 1980s?
93 factoid Who first circumnavigated the globe?
94 factoid Who wrote the song, "Stardust"?
95 factoid What country is the worlds leading supplier of cannabis?
96 factoid What time of day did Emperor Hirohito die?
97 factoid How large is the Arctic refuge to preserve unique wildlife and wilderness value on Alaska's north coast?
98 factoid Where is the highest point in Japan?
99 factoid What is the term for the sum of all genetic material in a given organism?
100 factoid What is considered the costliest disaster the insurance industry has ever faced?
101 factoid How many people live in the Falklands?
102 factoid Who is the Voyager project manager?
103 factoid How many people died when the Estonia sank in 1994?
104 factoid What language is most commonly used in Bombay?
105 factoid How many people does Honda employ in the U.S.?
106 factoid What is the second highest mountain peak in the world?
107 factoid When was China's first nuclear test?
108 factoid Which company created the Internet browser Mosaic?
109 factoid Where does Buzz Aldrin want to build a permanent, manned space station?
110 factoid Who killed Lee Harvey Oswald?
111 factoid How long does it take to travel from Tokyo to Niigata?
112 factoid Who is the President of Ghana?
113 factoid What is the name of the medical condition in which a baby is born without a brain?
114 factoid How much stronger is the new vitreous carbon material invented by the Tokyo Institute of Technology compared with the material made from cellulose?
115 factoid What is Head Start?
116 factoid Which team won the Super Bowl in 1968?
117 factoid What two researchers discovered the double-helix structure of DNA in 1953?
118 factoid What percentage of the world's plant and animal species can be found in the Amazon forests?
119 factoid What Nobel laureate was expelled from the Philippines before the conference on East Timor?
120 factoid Who held the endurance record for women pilots in 1929?
121 factoid Who won the first general election for President held in Malawi in May 1994?
122 factoid Who is section manager for guidance and control systems at JPL?
123 factoid How many Vietnamese were there in the Soviet Union?
124 factoid What was Agent Orange used for during the Vietnam War?
125 factoid In what city is the US Declaration of Independence located?
126 factoid When did Israel begin turning the Gaza Strip and Jericho over to the PLO?
127 factoid Which city has the oldest relationship as a sister-city with Los Angeles?
128 factoid Who was the second man to walk on the moon?
129 factoid How many times was pitcher, Warren Spahn, a 20-game winner in his 21 major league seasons?
130 factoid When was Yemen reunified?
131 factoid Which Japanese car maker had its biggest percentage of sale in the domestic market?
132 factoid What is the capital of Uruguay?
133 factoid What is the name for the technique of growing certain plants in soils contaminated with toxic metals, wherein the plants take up the toxic metals, are harvested, and the metals recovered for recycling?
134 factoid Where is it planned to berth the merchant ship, Lane Victory, which Merchant Marine veterans are converting into a floating museum?
135 factoid What famous communist leader died in Mexico City?
136 factoid Who is the Queen of Holland?
137 factoid Who is the president of the Spanish government?
138 factoid What is the name of the normal process in all living things, including humans, in which cells are programmed to "commit suicide"?
139 factoid How many people did the United Nations commit to help restore order and distribute humanitarian relief in Somalia in September 1992?
140 factoid How many people on the ground were killed from the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, December 21, 1988?
141 factoid What is the duration of the trip from Bristol to London by rail?
142 factoid What is the population of Ulan Bator, capital of Mongolia?
143 factoid Where does most of the marijuana entering the United States come from?
144 factoid How many megawatts will the power project in Indonesia, built by a consortium headed by Mission Energy of US, produce?
145 factoid What did John Hinckley do to impress Jodie Foster?
146 factoid In what year did Ireland elect its first woman president?
147 factoid Who is the prime minister of Japan?
148 factoid How many soldiers were involved in the last Panama invasion by the United States of America?
149 factoid Where is the Bulls basketball team based?
150 factoid What is the length of border between the Ukraine and Russia?
151 factoid Where did Dylan Thomas die?
152 factoid How many people live in Tokyo?
153 factoid What is the capital of California?
154 factoid How many Grand Slam titles did Bjorn Borg win?
155 factoid Who was the Democratic nominee in the American presidential election?
156 factoid When was General Manuel Noriega ousted as the leader of Panama and turned over to U.S. authorities?
157 factoid Where is Dartmouth College?
158 factoid How many mines can still be found in the Falklands after the war ended?
159 factoid Why are electric cars less efficient in the north-east than in California?
160 factoid When did French revolutionaries storm the Bastille?
161 factoid How rich is Bill Gates?
162 factoid What is the capital of Kosovo?
163 factoid What state does Charles Robb represent?
164 factoid Who is the leading competitor of Trans Union Company?
165 factoid Which type of submarine was bought recently by South Korea?
166 factoid When did communist control end in Hungary?
167 factoid What nationality is Pope John Paul II?
168 factoid Who was the captain of the tanker, Exxon Valdez, involved in the oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska, 1989?
169 factoid Whom did the Chicago Bulls beat in the 1993 championship?
170 factoid Who was President of Afghanistan in 1994?
171 factoid Who is the director of intergovernmental affairs for the San Diego county?
172 factoid Where is the Keck telescope?
173 factoid How many moons does Jupiter have?
174 factoid When did Jaco Pastorius die?
175 factoid When did beethoven die?
176 factoid How many people in Tucson?
177 factoid How tall is Mt. Everest?
178 factoid What is the capital of Congo?
179 factoid What is the capital of Italy?
180 factoid What is the capital of Sri Lanka?
181 factoid What novel inspired the movie BladeRunner?
182 factoid What was the first Gilbert and Sullivan opera?
183 factoid What was the name of the computer in "2001: A Space Odyssey"?
184 factoid When was Queen Victoria born?
185 factoid When was the battle of the Somme fought?
186 factoid Where did the Battle of the Bulge take place?
187 factoid Where was Lincoln assassinated?
188 factoid When was the women's suffrage amendment ratified?
189 factoid Where is Qatar?
190 factoid Where is South Bend?
191 factoid Where was Harry Truman born?
192 factoid Who was Secretary of State during the Nixon administration?
193 factoid Who was the 16th President of the United States?
194 factoid Who wrote "The Pines of Rome"?
195 factoid Who wrote "Dubliners"?
196 factoid Who wrote "Hamlet"?
197 factoid What did Richard Feynman say upon hearing he would receive the Nobel Prize in Physics?
198 factoid How did Socrates die?
199 factoid How tall is the Matterhorn?
200 factoid How tall is the replica of the Matterhorn at Disneyland?
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