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894 factoid How far is it from Denver to Aspen?
895 factoid What county is Modesto, California in?
896 factoid Who was Galileo?
897 factoid What is an atom?
898 factoid When did Hawaii become a state?
899 factoid How tall is the Sears Building?
900 factoid George Bush purchased a small interest in which baseball team?
901 factoid What is Australia's national flower?
902 factoid Why does the moon turn orange?
903 factoid What is autism?
904 factoid What city had a world fair in 1900?
905 factoid What person's head is on a dime?
906 factoid What is the average weight of a Yellow Labrador?
907 factoid Who was the first man to fly across the Pacific Ocean?
908 factoid When did Idaho become a state?
909 factoid What is the life expectancy for crickets?
910 factoid What metal has the highest melting point?
911 factoid Who developed the vaccination against polio?
912 factoid What is epilepsy?
913 factoid What year did the Titanic sink?
914 factoid Who was the first American to walk in space?
915 factoid What is a biosphere?
916 factoid What river in the US is known as the Big Muddy?
917 factoid What is bipolar disorder?
918 factoid What is cholesterol?
919 factoid Who developed the Macintosh computer?
920 factoid What is caffeine?
921 factoid What imaginary line is halfway between the North and South Poles?
922 factoid Where is John Wayne airport?
923 factoid What hemisphere is the Philippines in?
924 factoid What is the average speed of the horses at the Kentucky Derby?
925 factoid Where are the Rocky Mountains?
926 factoid What are invertebrates?
927 factoid What is the temperature at the center of the earth?
928 factoid When did John F. Kennedy get elected as President?
929 factoid How old was Elvis Presley when he died?
930 factoid Where is the Orinoco River?
931 factoid How far is the service line from the net in tennis?
932 factoid How much fiber should you have per day?
933 factoid How many Great Lakes are there?
934 factoid Material called linen is made from what plant?
935 factoid What is Teflon?
936 factoid What is amitriptyline?
937 factoid What is a shaman?
938 factoid What is the proper name for a female walrus?
939 factoid What is a group of turkeys called?
940 factoid How long did Rip Van Winkle sleep?
941 factoid What are triglycerides?
942 factoid How many liters in a gallon?
943 factoid What is the name of the chocolate company in San Francisco?
944 factoid What are amphibians?
945 factoid Who discovered x-rays?
946 factoid Which comedian's signature line is "Can we talk"?
947 factoid What is fibromyalgia?
948 factoid What is done with worn or outdated flags?
949 factoid What does cc in engines mean?
950 factoid When did Elvis Presley die?
951 factoid What is the capital of Yugoslavia?
952 factoid Where is Milan?
953 factoid What are the speed hummingbirds fly?
954 factoid What is the oldest city in the United States?
955 factoid What was W.C. Fields' real name?
956 factoid What river flows between Fargo, North Dakota and Moorhead, Minnesota?
957 factoid What do bats eat?
958 factoid What state did the Battle of Bighorn take place in?
959 factoid Who was Abraham Lincoln?
960 factoid What do you call a newborn kangaroo?
961 factoid What are spider veins?
962 factoid What day and month did John Lennon die?
963 factoid What strait separates North America from Asia?
964 factoid What is the population of Seattle?
965 factoid How much was a ticket for the Titanic?
966 factoid What is the largest city in the world?
967 factoid What American composer wrote the music for "West Side Story"?
968 factoid Where is the Mall of the America?
969 factoid What is the pH scale?
970 factoid What type of currency is used in Australia?
971 factoid How tall is the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO?
972 factoid How much does the human adult female brain weigh?
973 factoid Who was the first governor of Alaska?
974 factoid What is a prism?
975 factoid When was the first liver transplant?
976 factoid Who was elected president of South Africa in 1994?
977 factoid What is the population of China?
978 factoid When was Rosa Parks born?
979 factoid Why is a ladybug helpful?
980 factoid What is amoxicillin?
981 factoid Who was the first female United States Representative?
982 factoid What are xerophytes?
983 factoid What country did Ponce de Leon come from?
984 factoid The U.S. Department of Treasury first issued paper currency for the U.S. during which war?
985 factoid What is desktop publishing?
986 factoid What is the temperature of the sun's surface?
987 factoid What year did Canada join the United Nations?
988 factoid What is the oldest university in the US?
989 factoid Where is Prince Edward Island?
990 factoid Mercury, what year was it discovered?
991 factoid What is cryogenics?
992 factoid What are coral reefs?
993 factoid What is the longest major league baseball-winning streak?
994 factoid What is neurology?
995 factoid Who invented the calculator?
996 factoid How do you measure earthquakes?
997 factoid Who is Duke Ellington?
998 factoid What county is Phoenix, AZ in?
999 factoid What is a micron?
1000 factoid The sun's core, what is the temperature?
1001 factoid What is the Ohio state bird?
1002 factoid When were William Shakespeare's twins born?
1003 factoid What is the highest dam in the U.S.?
1004 factoid What color is a poison arrow frog?
1005 factoid What is acupuncture?
1006 factoid What is the length of the coastline of the state of Alaska?
1007 factoid What is the name of Neil Armstrong's wife?
1008 factoid What is Hawaii's state flower?
1009 factoid Who won Ms. American in 1989?
1010 factoid When did the Hindenberg crash?
1011 factoid What mineral helps prevent osteoporosis?
1012 factoid What was the last year that the Chicago Cubs won the World Series?
1013 factoid Where is Perth?
1014 factoid What year did WWII begin?
1015 factoid What is the diameter of a golf ball?
1016 factoid What is an eclipse?
1017 factoid Who discovered America?
1018 factoid What is the earth's diameter?
1019 factoid Which president was unmarried?
1020 factoid How wide is the Milky Way galaxy?
1021 factoid During which season do most thunderstorms occur?
1022 factoid What is Wimbledon?
1023 factoid What is the gestation period for a cat?
1024 factoid How far is a nautical mile?
1025 factoid Who was the abolitionist who led the raid on Harper's Ferry in 1859?
1026 factoid What does target heart rate mean?
1027 factoid What was the first satellite to go into space?
1028 factoid What is foreclosure?
1029 factoid What is the major fault line near Kentucky?
1030 factoid Where is the Holland Tunnel?
1031 factoid Who wrote the hymn "Amazing Grace"?
1032 factoid What position did Willie Davis play in baseball?
1033 factoid What are platelets?
1034 factoid What is severance pay?
1035 factoid What is the name of Roy Roger's dog?
1036 factoid Where are the National Archives?
1037 factoid What is a baby turkey called?
1038 factoid What is poliomyelitis?
1039 factoid What is the longest bone in the human body?
1040 factoid Who is a German philosopher?
1041 factoid What were Christopher Columbus' three ships?
1042 factoid What does Phi Beta Kappa mean?
1043 factoid What is nicotine?
1044 factoid What is another name for vitamin B1?
1045 factoid Who discovered radium?
1046 factoid What are sunspots?
1047 factoid When was Algeria colonized?
1048 factoid What baseball team was the first to make numbers part of their uniform?
1049 factoid What continent is Egypt on?
1050 factoid What is the capital of Mongolia?
1051 factoid What is nanotechnology?
1052 factoid In the late 1700's British convicts were used to populate which colony?
1053 factoid What state is the geographic center of the lower 48 states?
1054 factoid What is an obtuse angle?
1055 factoid What are polymers?
1056 factoid When is hurricane season in the Caribbean?
1057 factoid Where is the volcano Mauna Loa?
1058 factoid What is another astronomic term for the Northern Lights?
1059 factoid What peninsula is Spain part of?
1060 factoid When was Lyndon B. Johnson born?
1061 factoid What is acetaminophen?
1062 factoid What state has the least amount of rain per year?
1063 factoid Who founded American Red Cross?
1064 factoid What year did the Milwaukee Braves become the Atlanta Braves?
1065 factoid How fast is alcohol absorbed?
1066 factoid When is the summer solstice?
1067 factoid What is supernova?
1068 factoid Where is the Shawnee National Forest?
1069 factoid What U.S. state's motto is "Live free or Die"?
1070 factoid Where is the Lourve?
1071 factoid When was the first stamp issued?
1072 factoid What primary colors do you mix to make orange?
1073 factoid How far is Pluto from the sun?
1074 factoid What body of water are the Canary Islands in?
1075 factoid What is neuropathy?
1076 factoid Where is the Euphrates River?
1077 factoid What is cryptography?
1078 factoid What is natural gas composed of?
1079 factoid Who is the Prime Minister of Canada?
1080 factoid What French ruler was defeated at the battle of Waterloo?
1081 factoid What is leukemia?
1082 factoid Where did Howard Hughes die?
1083 factoid What is the birthstone for June?
1084 factoid What is the sales tax in Minnesota?
1085 factoid What is the distance in miles from the earth to the sun?
1086 factoid What is the average life span for a chicken?
1087 factoid When was the first Wal-Mart store opened?
1088 factoid What is relative humidity?
1089 factoid What city has the zip code of 35824?
1090 factoid What currency is used in Algeria?
1091 factoid Who invented the hula hoop?
1092 factoid What was the most popular toy in 1957?
1093 factoid What is pastrami made of?
1094 factoid What is the name of the satellite that the Soviet Union sent into space in 1957?
1095 factoid What city's newspaper is called "The Enquirer"?
1096 factoid Who invented the slinky?
1097 factoid What are the animals that don't have backbones called?
1098 factoid What is the melting point of copper?
1099 factoid Where is the volcano Olympus Mons located?
1100 factoid Who was the 23rd president of the United States?
1101 factoid What is the average body temperature?
1102 factoid What does a defibrillator do?
1103 factoid What is the effect of acid rain?
1104 factoid What year did the United States abolish the draft?
1105 factoid How fast is the speed of light?
1106 factoid What province is Montreal in?
1107 factoid What New York City structure is also known as the Twin Towers?
1108 factoid What is fungus?
1109 factoid What is the most frequently spoken language in the Netherlands?
1110 factoid What is sodium chloride?
1111 factoid What are the spots on dominoes called?
1112 factoid How many pounds in a ton?
1113 factoid What is influenza?
1114 factoid What is ozone depletion?
1115 factoid What year was the Mona Lisa painted?
1116 factoid What does "Sitting Shiva" mean?
1117 factoid What is the electrical output in Madrid, Spain?
1118 factoid Which mountain range in North America stretches from Maine to Georgia?
1119 factoid What is plastic made of?
1120 factoid What is the population of Nigeria?
1121 factoid What does your spleen do?
1122 factoid Where is the Grand Canyon?
1123 factoid Who invented the telephone?
1124 factoid What year did the U.S. buy Alaska?
1125 factoid What is the name of the leader of Ireland?
1126 factoid What is phenylalanine?
1127 factoid How many gallons of water are there in a cubic foot?
1128 factoid What are the two houses of the Legislative branch?
1129 factoid What is sonar?
1130 factoid In Poland, where do most people live?
1131 factoid What is phosphorus?
1132 factoid What is the location of the Sea of Tranquility?
1133 factoid How fast is sound?
1134 factoid What French province is cognac produced in?
1135 factoid What is Valentine's Day?
1136 factoid What causes gray hair?
1137 factoid What is hypertension?
1138 factoid What is bandwidth?
1139 factoid What is the longest suspension bridge in the U.S.?
1140 factoid What is a parasite?
1141 factoid What is home equity?
1142 factoid What do meteorologists do?
1143 factoid What is the criterion for being legally blind?
1144 factoid Who is the tallest man in the world?
1145 factoid What are the twin cities?
1146 factoid What did Edward Binney and Howard Smith invent in 1903?
1147 factoid What is the statue of liberty made of?
1148 factoid What is pilates?
1149 factoid What planet is known as the "red" planet?
1150 factoid What is the depth of the Nile river?
1151 factoid What is the colorful Korean traditional dress called?
1152 factoid What is Mardi Gras?
1153 factoid Mexican pesos are worth what in U.S. dollars?
1154 factoid Who was the first African American to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers?
1155 factoid Who was the first Prime Minister of Canada?
1156 factoid How many Admirals are there in the U.S. Navy?
1157 factoid What instrument did Glenn Miller play?
1158 factoid How old was Joan of Arc when she died?
1159 factoid What does the word fortnight mean?
1160 factoid What is dianetics?
1161 factoid What is the capital of Ethiopia?
1162 factoid For how long is an elephant pregnant?
1163 factoid How did Janice Joplin die?
1164 factoid What is the primary language in Iceland?
1165 factoid What is the difference between AM radio stations and FM radio stations?
1166 factoid What is osteoporosis?
1167 factoid Who was the first woman governor in the U.S.?
1168 factoid What is peyote?
1169 factoid What is the esophagus used for?
1170 factoid What is viscosity?
1171 factoid What year did Oklahoma become a state?
1172 factoid What is the abbreviation for Texas?
1173 factoid What is a mirror made out of?
1174 factoid Where on the body is a mortarboard worn?
1175 factoid What was J.F.K.'s wife's name?
1176 factoid What does I.V. stand for?
1177 factoid What is the chunnel?
1178 factoid Where is Hitler buried?
1179 factoid What are antacids?
1180 factoid What is pulmonary fibrosis?
1181 factoid What are Quaaludes?
1182 factoid What is naproxen?
1183 factoid What is strep throat?
1184 factoid What is the largest city in the U.S.?
1185 factoid What is foot and mouth disease?
1186 factoid What is the life expectancy of a dollar bill?
1187 factoid What do you call a professional map drawer?
1188 factoid What are Aborigines?
1189 factoid What is hybridization?
1190 factoid What color is indigo?
1191 factoid How old do you have to be in order to rent a car in Italy?
1192 factoid What does a barometer measure?
1193 factoid What color is a giraffe's tongue?
1194 factoid What does USPS stand for?
1195 factoid What year did the NFL go on strike?
1196 factoid What is solar wind?
1197 factoid What date did Neil Armstrong land on the moon?
1198 factoid When was Hiroshima bombed?
1199 factoid Where is the Savannah River?
1200 factoid Who was the first woman killed in the Vietnam War?
1201 factoid What planet has the strongest magnetic field of all the planets?
1202 factoid Who is the governor of Alaska?
1203 factoid What year did Mussolini seize power in Italy?
1204 factoid What is the capital of Persia?
1205 factoid Where is the Eiffel Tower?
1206 factoid How man hearts does an octopus have?
1207 factoid What is pneumonia?
1208 factoid What is the deepest lake in the US?
1209 factoid What is a fuel cell?
1210 factoid Who was the first U.S. president to appear on TV?
1211 factoid Where is the Little League Museum?
1212 factoid What are the two types of twins?
1213 factoid What is the brightest star?
1214 factoid What is diabetes?
1215 factoid When was President Kennedy shot?
1216 factoid What is TMJ?
1217 factoid What color is yak milk?
1218 factoid What date was Dwight D. Eisenhower born?
1219 factoid What does the technical term ISDN mean?
1220 factoid Why is the sun yellow?
1221 factoid What is the conversion rate between dollars and pounds?
1222 factoid When was Abraham Lincoln born?
1223 factoid What is the Milky Way?
1224 factoid What is mold?
1225 factoid What year was Mozart born?
1226 factoid What is a group of frogs called?
1227 factoid What is the name of William Penn's ship?
1228 factoid What is the melting point of gold?
1229 factoid What is the street address of the White House?
1230 factoid What is semolina?
1231 factoid What fruit is Melba sauce made from?
1232 factoid What is Ursa Major?
1233 factoid What is the percentage of water content in the human body?
1234 factoid How much does water weigh?
1235 factoid What was President Lyndon Johnson's reform program called?
1236 factoid What is the murder rate in Windsor, Ontario?
1237 factoid Who is the only president to serve 2 non-consecutive terms?
1238 factoid What is the population of Australia?
1239 factoid Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
1240 factoid Name a stimulant.
1241 factoid What is the effect of volcanoes on the climate?
1242 factoid What year did the Andy Griffith show begin?
1243 factoid What is acid rain?
1244 factoid What is the date of Mexico's independence?
1245 factoid What is the location of Lake Champlain?
1246 factoid What is the Illinois state flower?
1247 factoid What is Maryland's state bird?
1248 factoid What is quicksilver?
1249 factoid Who wrote "The Devine Comedy"?
1250 factoid What is the speed of light?
1251 factoid What is the width of a football field?
1252 factoid Why in tennis are zero points called love?
1253 factoid What kind of dog was Toto in the Wizard of Oz?
1254 factoid What is a thyroid?
1255 factoid What does ciao mean?
1256 factoid What is the only artery that carries blue blood from the heart to the lungs?
1257 factoid How often does Old Faithful erupt at Yellowstone National Park?
1258 factoid What is acetic acid?
1259 factoid What is the elevation of St. Louis, MO?
1260 factoid What color does litmus paper turn when it comes into contact with a strong acid?
1261 factoid What are the colors of the German flag?
1262 factoid What is the Moulin Rouge?
1263 factoid What soviet seaport is on the Black Sea?
1264 factoid What is the atomic weight of silver?
1265 factoid What currency do they use in Brazil?
1266 factoid What are pathogens?
1267 factoid What is mad cow disease?
1268 factoid Name a food high in zinc.
1269 factoid When did North Carolina enter the union?
1270 factoid Where do apple snails live?
1271 factoid What are ethics?
1272 factoid What does CPR stand for?
1273 factoid What is an annuity?
1274 factoid Who killed John F. Kennedy?
1275 factoid Who was the first vice president of the U.S.?
1276 factoid What birthstone is turquoise?
1277 factoid Who was the first US President to ride in an automobile to his inauguration?
1278 factoid How old was the youngest president of the United States?
1279 factoid When was Ulysses S. Grant born?
1280 factoid What is Muscular Dystrophy?
1281 factoid Who lived in the Neuschwanstein castle?
1282 factoid What is propylene glycol?
1283 factoid What is a panic disorder?
1284 factoid Who invented the instant Polaroid camera?
1285 factoid What is a carcinogen?
1286 factoid What is a baby lion called?
1287 factoid What is the world's population?
1288 factoid What is nepotism?
1289 factoid What is die-casting?
1290 factoid What is myopia?
1291 factoid What is the sales tax rate in New York?
1292 factoid Developing nations comprise what percentage of the world's population?
1293 factoid What is the fourth highest mountain in the world?
1294 factoid What is Shakespeare's nickname?
1295 factoid What is the heaviest naturally occurring element?
1296 factoid When is Father's Day?
1297 factoid What does the acronym NASA stand for?
1298 factoid How long is the Columbia River in miles?
1299 factoid What city's newspaper is called "The Star"?
1300 factoid What is carbon dioxide?
1301 factoid Where is the Mason/Dixon line?
1302 factoid When was the Boston tea party?
1303 factoid What is metabolism?
1304 factoid Which U.S.A. president appeared on "Laugh-In"?
1305 factoid What are cigarettes made of?
1306 factoid What is the capital of Zimbabwe?
1307 factoid What does NASA stand for?
1308 factoid What is the state flower of Michigan?
1309 factoid What are semiconductors?
1310 factoid What is nuclear power?
1311 factoid What is a tsunami?
1312 factoid Who is the congressman from state of Texas on the armed forces committee?
1313 factoid Who was president in 1913?
1314 factoid When was the first kidney transplant?
1315 factoid What are Canada's two territories?
1316 factoid What was the name of the plane Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic?
1317 factoid What is genocide?
1318 factoid What continent is Argentina on?
1319 factoid What monastery was raided by Vikings in the late eighth century?
1320 factoid What is an earthquake?
1321 factoid Where is the tallest roller coaster located?
1322 factoid What are enzymes?
1323 factoid Who discovered oxygen?
1324 factoid What is bangers and mash?
1325 factoid What is the name given to the Tiger at Louisiana State University?
1326 factoid Where are the British crown jewels kept?
1327 factoid Who was the first person to reach the North Pole?
1328 factoid What is an ulcer?
1329 factoid What is vertigo?
1330 factoid What is the spirometer test?
1331 factoid When is the official first day of summer?
1332 factoid What does the abbreviation SOS mean?
1333 factoid What is the smallest bird in Britain?
1334 factoid Who invented Trivial Pursuit?
1335 factoid What gasses are in the troposphere?
1336 factoid Which country has the most water pollution?
1337 factoid What is the scientific name for elephant?
1338 factoid Who is the actress known for her role in the movie "Gypsy"?
1339 factoid What breed of hunting dog did the Beverly Hillbillies own?
1340 factoid What is the rainiest place on Earth?
1341 factoid Who was the first African American to win the Nobel Prize in literature?
1342 factoid When is St. Patrick's Day?
1343 factoid What was FDR's dog's name?
1344 factoid What colors need to be mixed to get the color pink?
1345 factoid What is the most popular sport in Japan?
1346 factoid What is the active ingredient in baking soda?
1347 factoid When was Thomas Jefferson born?
1348 factoid How cold should a refrigerator be?
1349 factoid When was the telephone invented?
1350 factoid What is the most common eye color?
1351 factoid Where was the first golf course in the United States?
1352 factoid What is schizophrenia?
1353 factoid What is angiotensin?
1354 factoid What did Jesse Jackson organize?
1355 factoid What is New York's state bird?
1356 factoid What is the National Park in Utah?
1357 factoid What is Susan B. Anthony's birthday?
1358 factoid In which state would you find the Catskill Mountains?
1359 factoid What do you call a word that is spelled the same backwards and forwards?
1360 factoid What are pediatricians?
1361 factoid What chain store is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas?
1362 factoid What are solar cells?
1363 factoid What is compounded interest?
1364 factoid What are capers?
1365 factoid What is an antigen?
1366 factoid What currency does Luxembourg use?
1367 factoid What is the population of Venezuela?
1368 factoid What type of polymer is used for bulletproof vests?
1369 factoid What currency does Argentina use?
1370 factoid What is a thermometer?
1371 factoid What Canadian city has the largest population?
1372 factoid What color are crickets?
1373 factoid Which country gave New York the Statue of Liberty?
1374 factoid What was the name of the first U.S. satellite sent into space?
1375 factoid What precious stone is a form of pure carbon?
1376 factoid What kind of gas is in a fluorescent bulb?
1377 factoid What is rheumatoid arthritis?
1378 factoid What river runs through Rowe, Italy?
1379 factoid What is cerebral palsy?
1380 factoid What city is also known as "The Gateway to the West"?
1381 factoid How far away is the moon?
1382 factoid What is the source of natural gas?
1383 factoid In what spacecraft did U.S. astronaut Alan Shepard make his historic 1961 flight?
1384 factoid What is pectin?
1385 factoid What is bio-diversity?
1386 factoid What's the easiest way to remove wallpaper?
1387 factoid What year did the Titanic start on its journey?
1388 factoid How much of an apple is water?
1389 factoid Who was the 22nd President of the US?
1390 factoid What is the money they use in Zambia?
1391 factoid How many feet in a mile?
1392 factoid What is the birthstone of October?
1393 factoid What is e-coli?
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