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Summary of changes for Conky release 1.4.5:
Added config items:
- max_specials
- max_port_monitor_connections
Removed config items:
- min_port_monitors
- min_port_monitor_connections
Added variables:
- entropy_avail
- entropy_poolsize
- entropy_bar
Added length specifier to audacious_title.
Split battery var into:
- battery and battery_time
Fixed broken texeci variable.
Fixed build error with --disable-x11.
Fixed build error with --disable-xdamage.
Fixed acpi battery issues.
Fixed mem var overflows when >= 4GB.
Close pop3/imap sockets properly.
Improved internal thread handling.
Converted tcp_portmon internal hash to GLib
for GPL compatibility.
Summary of changes for Conky release 1.4.4:
* fix build error for freebsd.
* fix BadWindow errors when using own_window_type override or desktop.
* minor documentation updates
* minor wifi code changes for freebsd.
Summary of changes for Conky release 1.4.3:
* Removed support for dead projects: Xmms 1, Beep Media Player (BMP) and the Infopipe plugin.
- Removed the following related configuration items:
- xmms_player
- Removed the following related variables:
- xmms_bar
- xmms_bitrate
- xmms_channels
- xmms_filename
- xmms_frequency
- xmms_length
- xmms_length_seconds
- xmms_playlist_position
- xmms_playlist_length
- xmms_position
- xmms_position_seconds
- xmms_status
- xmms_title
* Removed configuration item:
- on_bottom: please use 'own_window_hints below' instead.
* Added support for Audacious music player:
- Added the following related variables:
- audacious_bar
- audacious_bitrate
- audacious_channels
- audacious_filename
- audacious_frequency
- audacious_length
- audacious_length_seconds
- audacious_playlist_position
- audacious_playlist_length
- audacious_position
- audacious_position_seconds
- audacious_status
- audacious_title
* Added new configuration item:
- max_user_text <bytes> [default: 16384]: specifies the maximum buffer size for user text
in the .conkyrc file. Useful for people with enormous config files who were running
up against the hard-coded default of 8192 bytes.
* Added new variables:
- tztime: Local time for specified timezone
- hddtemp: interface to hddtemp hard disk temp monitor:
- goto and tab: additional alignment control
- voltage_mv and voltage_v: CPU voltages
* Other changes:
- added SMP support for $freq and $freq_g
- added WiFi signal level detection on FreeBSD
- added Xdamage support for X11
- added verbose configuration information to conky -v
- added extras directory to tarball with nano and vim syntax coloring scripts.
- fixed as many bugs as we could :]