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Hello, there.
Using CMake to build Conky is pretty easy, and here is how I do it:
1. From the top level source dir, create a build working dir, and cd into it
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
2. Run the cmake configuration process
$ cmake ../ # pass the path to the sources to cmake
$ ccmake ../ # you can also use the fance curses interface, or try cmake-gui
3. Compile as usual, and enjoy the out-of-source goodness
$ make
# make install # if you want
There are a number of build options for Conky, and the best way to discover
them is to use the ccmake (or cmake-gui) CMake tool for browsing them.
Certain Conky build time features (such as doc generation) require third-party
applications, which you should be notified of via CMake. In the case of doc
generation, you'll need the docbook2X package (available on most