brndnmtthws Conky for mac os master (#579)
* Try to amend #31

* BUILD_WLAN should be available for all OS.

Keep BUILD_WLAN OFF by default for compatibility reasons.

* WLAN-related variables should be available for every OS.

There are some problems (probably null-dereference)

* Fix $wireless_essid crashing conky if no argument provided.

Conky wasn't parsing the argument of the variable as it should, thus wasn't allocating the `dev` member variable.

Also fix some documentation stuff.

* Improve `get_freq` #20

Using the Intel® Power Gadget API ( we can now get actual Core frequency and not the constant factory one.

Though, for some weird reason the API gives the same freq for all Cores, thus the |cpu| arg becomes useless.

* Oops, this accidently slipped in

* Introduce BUILD_IPGFREQ build option

This build option has been introduced for one particular reason:

On macOS getting current core-frequency is not supported by the APIs.  A solution is to install Intel's ® Power Gadget which comes with an .app, a Framework and a kernel-extension.  Though, this may trouble some alot, thus introduce BUILD_IPGFREQ.

* Forgot static here.

* Some improvements for get_freq again.

Fix frequency not printing correctly (I wasn't using the divisor)
Add more guards.

* Setup cmake files and project code for Objective-C code #17

We want to use CoreWLAN framework.

* update_cpu_usage() now supports multiple cores

Also, some cleanup.

* Updated default conky config to monitor Mac Networking

* Made Mac Friendly BuildOptions and generic default conky configs

* Undid Xdamage config and cleaned up previous IF statements

* Re-Added XDamage fix

* Finish up the algorithm. I think its now correct. Closes: #33

* Cleanup macro and introduce a no-op free_cpu() function for ALL cpu-related variables

free_cpu() must be implemented for every OS and on all except macOS its a no-op function.

* Reformat, add empty comment.
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