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The main file that contains the bulk of our documentation is docs.xml .
We use the DocBook format, which is a really kickass xml-based way of
writing documentation, heavily oriented towards programming and computer
stuff. There are tags like <command> and <option> that marks up your
content without actually having to mark it up, which is why something
that's of the <command> shows up in some cool style regardless of
whether it's in a man page or a web page. DocBook has been around for
10 years, and there's TONS of resources online about the different
tags and the stuff that can be done.

For the sake of making things readable and organized,
docs.xml "includes" three other files, as of 8/18/05.
These are config_settings.xml, command_options.xml, and variables.xml .
Their names are pretty self-explanatory, and what the "include" essentially
does is stick their contents into docs.xml at the appropriate locations
when it's time to produce a man page or html file. So if you wanted to
add a variable or explain a command line option better, you'd look in
variables.xml and command_options.xml. If you wanted to change the authors
or something, look in docs.xml

(NOTE that the docs are now built automatically via doc/Makefile.am, but it requires that you have docbook2x and xsltproc installed)

making the html is easy. xsltproc should more than likely already be on your system:

xsltproc http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/html/docbook.xsl docs.xml > docs.html
making the man page is pretty easy, it uses a program called docbook2x, which you might or might not have.

docbook2x-man docs.xml (produces a conky.1 file)
gzip conky.1

conky.1.gz can be viewed in man-form by doing "man -l conky.1.gz"
making the README (text-only) file is just some simple unix:
man -l conky.1.gz | col -b > README