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The Hodler Manifesto

The manifesto lives at:


Contributions are welcome, but the manifesto itself is mostly complete at this point. I may accept changes to the document if you can make a very compelling argument, and are also willing to update the translations.

I do, however, strongly encourage people to contribute:

  • Translations
  • Design improvements
  • Sharing and caring

Contributing Translations

To contribute a translation, make a copy the manifesto (, and rename it to the name of your language and region in ISO 639-1 (language) and ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (region) formats. For example, Italian Italian would be Add a link to your translation in _layouts/default.html, and presto!

Tip jar

If you got some value out of this, please send some coins my way so I can retire from my day job:

  • BTC: 3EEAE1oKEMnmHGU5Qxibv9mBQyNnes8j8N
  • LTC: 3MxmLzTf4sPsFBGYUnX9MMMbTMeaUSox46