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Queue Classic

0.3.2 (beta)

Queue Classic is a postgres-backed queueing library that is focused on concurrent job locking, minimizing database load & providing a simple & intuitive user experience.

Queue Classic Features:

  • Support for multiple queues with heterogeneous workers
  • Utilization of Postgres' PUB/SUB
  • JSON encoding for jobs
  • Postgres' rock-solid locking mechanism
  • Long term support

Quick Start

See doc/ for Rails instructions

$ gem install queue_classic
psql=# CREATE TABLE queue_classic_jobs (id serial, details text, locked_at timestamp);
psql=# CREATE INDEX queue_classic_jobs_id_idx ON queue_classic_jobs (id);
$ rake qc:load_functions
irb: QC.enqueue "Class.method", "arg"
$ rake jobs:work

Hacking on Queue Classic


  • Postgres version 9
  • Ruby
  • Gems: pg, json

Running Tests

  • Install dependencies: pg, json (see gemspec)
  • createdb queue_classic_test
  • export DATABASE_URL="postgres://username:pass@localhost/queue_classic_test"
  • rake will run the tests (or turn test/)

Building Documentation

If you are adding new features, please document them in the doc directory. Also, once you have the markdown in place, please run: ruby doc/build.rb to make HTML for the docs.

Other Resources


Example Rails App

Discussion Group

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