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capstats - A tool to get some NIC statistics.


You can find the latest capstats release for download at

Capstats's git repository is located at git:// You can browse the repository here.

This document describes capstats 0.24-2. See the CHANGES file for version history.


Here's an example output with output in one-second intervals until CTRL-C is hit:

Each line starts with a timestamp and the other fields are:

pkts:Absolute number of packets seen by capstats during interval.
kpps:Number of thousands of packets per second.
kbytes:Absolute number of KBytes during interval.
nic_pkts:Number of packets as reported by libpcap's pcap_stats() (may not match pkts)
nic_drops:Number of packet drops as reported by libpcap's pcap_stats().
u:Number of UDP packets.
t:Number of TCP packets.
i:Number of ICMP packets.
o:Number of IP packets with protocol other than TCP, UDP, and ICMP.
nonip:Number of non-IP packets.


A list of all options:

capstats [Options] -i interface

   -i| --interface <interface>    Listen on interface
   -d| --dag                      Use native DAG API
   -f| --filter <filter>          BPF filter
   -I| --interval <secs>          Stats logging interval
   -l| --syslog                   Use syslog rather than print to stderr
   -n| --number <count>           Stop after outputting <number> intervals
   -N| --select                   Use select() for live pcap (for testing only)
   -p| --payload <n>              Verifies that packets' payloads consist
                                  entirely of bytes of the given value.
   -q| --quiet <count>            Suppress output, exit code indicates >= count
                                  packets received.
   -S| --size <size>              Verify packets to have given <size>
   -s| --snaplen <size>           Use pcap snaplen <size>
   -v| --version                  Print version and exit
   -w| --write <filename>         Write packets to file


capstats has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD, and MacOS. Please see the INSTALL file for installation instructions.