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Various VQSR optimizations in both runtime and accuracy.

-- For very large whole genome datasets with over 2M variants overlapping the training data randomly downsample the training set that gets used to build the Gaussian mixture model.
-- Annotations are ordered by the difference in means between known and novel instead of by their standard deviation.
-- Removed the training set quality score threshold.
-- Now uses 2 gaussians by default for the negative model.
-- Num bad argument has been removed and the cutoffs are now chosen by the model itself by looking at the LOD scores.
-- Model plots are now generated much faster.
-- Stricter threshold for determining model convergence.
-- All VQSR integration tests change because of these changes to the model.
-- Add test for downsampling of training data.
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Ryan Poplin
Ryan Poplin committed Sep 30, 2013
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