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Separate tests that access the knowledge base from other tests

The tests that access the knowledge base are interfering with the basic
ability to run the unit/integration test suite to completion -- these
few tests often take hours to complete.

Created a new class of test ("KnowledgeBaseTest") that runs separately
from the unit/integration test suite, with corresponding build target.
A new bamboo plan will be set up to run these tests independently so
that they don't interfere with unit/integration testing.

With this change, plus the recent changes to the parallel test runner,
unit/integration test suite runtime should be back down to ~30 minutes
on average.
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1 parent caf13eb commit c1441b1831d5b8cef656091dbb9967e10665b1d3 @droazen droazen committed
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7 build.xml
@@ -1415,6 +1415,13 @@
<run-test testtype="${pipetype}" outputdir="${report}/${pipetype}" runfailed="false"/>
+ <target name="knowledgebasetest" depends="test.compile,test.init" description="Run knowledge base tests">
+ <condition property="ktype" value="*KnowledgeBaseTest" else="${single}">
+ <not><isset property="single"/></not>
+ </condition>
+ <run-test testtype="${ktype}" outputdir="${report}/${ktype}" runfailed="false"/>
+ </target>
<target name="failed-unit" depends="test.compile,test.init">
<run-test testtype="${report}/*UnitTest/testng-failed.xml" outputdir="${report}/failed_rerun" runfailed="true"/>

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