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Add @Advanced to variant_index_type and variant_index_parameter

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1 parent 81e66af commit d287fe43b853261babe65a61e49ff72a67d61c51 @jmthibault79 jmthibault79 committed Dec 3, 2013
2 public/java/src/org/broadinstitute/sting/gatk/arguments/
@@ -473,9 +473,11 @@ public void setDownsamplingMethod(DownsamplingMethod method) {
@Argument(fullName="variant_index_type",shortName = "variant_index_type",doc="which type of IndexCreator to use for VCF/BCF indices",required=false)
+ @Advanced
public GATKVCFIndexType variant_index_type = GATKVCFUtils.DEFAULT_INDEX_TYPE;
@Argument(fullName="variant_index_parameter",shortName = "variant_index_parameter",doc="the parameter (bin width or features per bin) to pass to the VCF/BCF IndexCreator",required=false)
+ @Advanced
public int variant_index_parameter = GATKVCFUtils.DEFAULT_INDEX_PARAMETER;

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