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Submit workflow using URL

Cromwell now allows for a user to submit the URL pointing to workflow file to run a workflow.
More details on how to use it in:

  • Server mode can be found here.
  • Run mode can be found here.


  • Added an opt-in namespace cache for the WDL Draft 2 language factory. Please see the Cromwell example configuration for details. NOTE: if upgrading from a hotfix version of Cromwell
    that relied upon this cache, the cache is now opt-in and must be turned on explicitly in config.
  • To maintain conformance with the OpenWDL spec, Cromwell drops support for the version draft-3 identifier in this release. In the rare case where end users may have been using version draft-3, version 1.0 is a drop-in replacement with no effect on functionality.

HTTP Workflow Inputs for Shared File System and Google Pipelines API Version 2 Backends

http and https workflow inputs are now supported for shared filesystem and Google Pipelines API (PAPI) version 2
backends. Configuration details are described here.

Call cache hint support

More efficient cache hit copying in multi-user environments is now supported through the call_cache_hit_path_prefixes workflow option.
Details here

Extra configuration options

The value dockerRoot can now be set in a backend configuration.
This will set the execution folder in the container (default: /cromwell-executions).

Bug Fixes


  • The releaseHold endpoint will now return 404 Not Found for an unrecognized workflow ID and 400 Bad Request for a malformed or invalid workflow ID.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed values to be "auto-boxed" into a single-element Array of that type, which is not allowed in the WDL spec (Closes #3478).

PAPI version 1

  • Restored standard output and error streaming for jobs.