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@rsasch rsasch released this Oct 17, 2018 · 257 commits to develop since this release

36 Release Notes

Extra configuration options

The value exit-code-timeout-seconds can now set in a backend configuration.
Details here

Extra configuration options for Firecloud

In addition to a "PAPI" status key, the FC custom health monitor now supports "PAPIV1" and "PAPIV2" status keys.

AWS S3 file transfers are now encrypted

Bug fixes

Metadata Request Coalescing

Coalesce metadata requests to eliminate expensive and redundant queries and metadata construction.

Eliminate redundant SFS logging and metadata

Eliminate superfluous logging and metadata publishing in the shared filesystem backend on poll intervals where there was not a state change.

AWS region configuration respected throughout

Previously US-EAST-1 was hardcoded in places.

Server jar back under 200MB

Removed a large number of unused AWS dependencies.

Sub-workflows logging to the correct file

Sub-workflow logs are always written to the root-workflow's log instead of a separate log file that used to leak file pointers.

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