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@aednichols aednichols released this Jun 3, 2019 · 35 commits to develop since this release

42 Release Notes

Womtool endpoint

The /describe endpoint now differentiates between an invalid workflow and a valid workflow with invalid inputs.

Specifically, the new validWorkflow key indicates whether the workflow file is valid by itself. If inputs are provided, they are not considered when calculating this field; if inputs are not provided, the value is identical to valid.

Configuration Changes

  • Virtual private networks can now be configured. See the section below for details.

Batch Request Timeouts

The timeout on Cromwell's requests to PAPIv2 can now be configured. See the sample PAPIv2.conf for more documentation:

backend {
  providers {
    PAPIv2 {
      config { 
        batch-requests {
          timeouts {
            read = 10 seconds
            connect = 10 seconds

Virtual Private Networks

Cromwell now allows PAPIV2 jobs to run on a private network by adding the network name inside virtual-private-cloud in backend configuration.
More info here.

AWS Backend

Now includes background job status polling to hopefully reduce the incidence of 'HTTP 429' errors for large workflows.

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