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@rsasch rsasch released this Jun 26, 2019 · 34 commits to develop since this release

43 Release Notes

Virtual Private Cloud with Subnetworks

Cromwell now allows PAPIV2 jobs to run on a specific subnetwork inside a private network by adding the subnetwork key
subnetwork-label-key inside virtual-private-cloud in backend configuration. More info here.

Call caching database refactoring

Cromwell's CALL_CACHING_HASH_ENTRY primary key has been refactored to use a BIGINT datatype in place of the previous
INT datatype. Cromwell will not be usable during the time the Liquibase migration for this refactor is running.
In the Google Cloud SQL with SSD environment this migration runs at a rate of approximately 100,000 CALL_CACHING_HASH_ENTRY
rows per second. In deployments with millions or billions of CALL_CACHING_HASH_ENTRY rows the migration may require
a significant amount of downtime so please plan accordingly. The following SQL could be used to estimate the number of
rows in this table:


Stackdriver Instrumentation

Cromwell now supports sending metrics to Google's Stackdriver API.
Learn more on how to configure here.

BigQuery in PAPI

Cromwell now allows a user to specify BigQuery jobs when using the PAPIv2 backend

Configuration Changes

StatsD Instrumentation

There is a small change in StatsD's configuration path. Originally, the path to the config was services.Instrumentation.config.statsd
which now has been updated to services.Instrumentation.config. More info on its configuration can be found


A new experimental feature, the cached-copy localization strategy is available for the shared filesystem.
More information can be found in the documentation on localization.

Yaml node limits

Yaml parsing now checks for cycles, and limits the maximum number of parsed nodes to a configurable value. It also
limits the nesting depth of sequences and mappings. See the documentation on configuring
for more information.

API Changes

Workflow Metadata

  • It is now possible to use includeKey and excludeKey at the same time. If so, the metadata key must match the includeKey and not match the excludeKey to be included.
  • It is now possible to use "calls" as one of your excludeKeys, to request that only workflow metadata gets returned.

PostgreSQL support

Cromwell now supports PostgreSQL (version 9.6 or higher, with the Large Object
extension installed) as a database backend.
See here for
instructions for configuring the database connection.

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