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Single-Cell Portal overview

Please note the portal and wiki are in Beta! Your feedback is so valuable and thank you!


The Single-Cell Portal was developed to facilitate sharing scientific results, and disseminating data generated from single cell technologies. We strive to make open science and open data interactive, easy, and powerful. We hope you will be a part of this amazing effort for science!

When you make a study in the portal, others will be able to:

  • Survey multiple highly interactive visualizations of how your cells and subsets of cells cluster. To enhance those plots, you may specify many metadata (categorical and continuous) for others to explore on your cell clusters using color.
  • Visualize the expression of genes plotted through cells and grouped by metadata. For instance, one could explore genes through your different tests and controls or through novel cell populations you are communicating to the world.
  • Discover expression of genes on different cell clusterings, giving them a chance to explore patterns of gene expression in different cell groups (known a priori as marker genes for certain cells, or genes responsible for new categorization or functions in cells).
  • Interact with panels of genes you stored in the study that you found important to your science.
  • Download data, potentially expression matrices or fastqs files to further explore and build on your science, generating collaborations and citings in the scientific literature.

Explore the portal at https://portals.broadinstitute.org/single_cell

The Single Cell Portal was initially developed as a part of the BRAIN (Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies) initiative. A presidential directive to harness and develop technologies to better understand the brain. To read more about the BRIAN Initiative, please visit http://www.braininitiative.nih.gov/ . The Single Cell Portal continues to be operated and developed as a generous gift from the Klarman Family as a part of the Klarman Cell Observatory.

Need Help?

Email us at single_cell_portal@broadinstitute.org

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