Python library for terminal color support (including 256-color support)
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XTermColor: Easy Terminal Colors

XTermColor is a convenient python module for quickly colorizing text for output to the terminal either via ANSI color code or RGB color value. Support 256 colors!

xtermcolor list


With pip

$ pip install xtermcolor

Or, via easy_install:

$ easy_install xtermcolor

Or, Using from the project directory

$ python install

Command Line Usage

$ xtermcolor --help
usage: xtermcolor [-h] [--color COLOR] [--compat {xterm,vt100}] {convert,list}

xtermcolor: 256 terminal color library

positional arguments:
  {convert,list}        Actions

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --color COLOR         Color to convert
  --compat {xterm,vt100}
                        Compatibility mode. Defaults to xterm.

To convert an RGB value to a printf() string or the closest ANSI color code, use xtermcolor convert as follows:

xtermcolor convert

Python Module Usage

Simply import the colorize function from the xtermcolor module. colorize() is always called with a string as the first argument, but has a number of keyword arguments that can be specified:

  • rgb - String of the RGB color value to color the text as.
  • ansi - Integer value of the ANSI color code.
  • bg - String of the RGB color value for the background color.
  • ansi_bg - Integer value of ANSI color code for background color.
  • fd - File descriptor that will be used to print the text. Defaults to stdout.

arguments rgb and ansi are mutually exclusive, as are bg and ansi_bg.

xtermcolor module