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Demo for Broadway - EventSourcing library for PHP

This repository contains a demo application to show how Broadway can be used within a Symfony application. The example is taken from the Practical Event Sourcing talk from Mathias Verraes.



vagrant up

Vagrant will provision the machine (using ansible).

The box is then available at, the vhost is configured with domain broadway.local.

If you don't have ansible installed, you will have to run composer install yourself. And run app/console broadway:event-store:schema:init to initialize the database.

Docker Compose

docker-compose up -d

Docker-compose will set up the containers needed to run this demo.

The app will be available at http://localhost:8000 as configured in docker-compose.yml.

Running the demo

This demo doesn't have a GUI, only an API with the following endpoints:

Method Path Description
POST /basket Pickup a new basket, returns the basketId
POST /basket/{basketId}/addProduct Add a product to a basket (productId and productName should be given as form fields)
POST /basket/{basketId}/removeProduct Remove a product from a basket (productId as form field)
POST /basket/{basketId}/checkout Checkout a basket
GET /advice/{productId} Retrieve Other people also bought this list

Running the tests

By default we exclude functional tests, by providing --exclude-group=none you can run the functional tests as well.


cd /vagrant
phpunit --exclude-group=none

Docker Compose

docker-compose run app vendor/bin/phpunit --exclude-group=none

Code structure

  • Domain code can be found in src/BroadwayDemo/Basket
  • ReadModel code can be found in src/BroadwayDemo/ReadModel
  • Controller / services can be found in src/BroadwayDemoBundle

Note that there are two files for the services: services.xml and domain.xml. domain.xml contains all the domain-specific services (CommandHandler, ReadModels, Repositories), while services.xml contains domain-unspecific services (controllers etc).

The domain specific tests can be found in test/BroadwayDemo/Basket and test/BroadwayDemo/ReadModel

Note that there is a functional test (using ElasticSearch) in test/BroadwayDemoBundle/Functional

For more information, read our blog post about this demo: