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Demo for Broadway - EventSourcing library for PHP

This repository contains a demo application to show how Broadway can be used within a Symfony application. The example is taken from the Practical Event Sourcing talk from Mathias Verraes.

For simplicity the demo uses the official DBAL event store and a custom DBAL read model implementation. You will need to have SQLite installed to run the demo.

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Running the demo

composer install
bin/console broadway:event-store:create
bin/console broadway:read-model:create
bin/console server:run

This demo doesn't have a GUI, only an API with the following endpoints:

Method Path Description
POST /basket Pick up a new basket, returns the basketId
POST /basket/{basketId}/addProduct Add a product to a basket (productId and productName should be given as form fields)
POST /basket/{basketId}/removeProduct Remove a product from a basket (productId as form field)
POST /basket/{basketId}/checkout Check out a basket
GET /advice/{productId} Retrieve Other people also bought this list
# pick up a new basket
$ curl -X POST http://localhost:8000/basket

# add products to the basket
$ curl -d "productId=2009&productName=Incredibad" -X POST http://localhost:8000/basket/1bd683ac-f75d-403f-babc-82ddcdb33de7/addProduct
$ curl -d "productId=2011&productName=Turtleneck+%26+Chain" -X POST http://localhost:8000/basket/1bd683ac-f75d-403f-babc-82ddcdb33de7/addProduct
$ curl -d "productId=2013&productName=The+Wack+Album" -X POST http://localhost:8000/basket/1bd683ac-f75d-403f-babc-82ddcdb33de7/addProduct

# remove a product from the basket
curl -d "productId=2009" -X POST http://localhost:8000/basket/1bd683ac-f75d-403f-babc-82ddcdb33de7/removeProduct

# check out the basket
$ curl -X POST http://localhost:8000/basket/1bd683ac-f75d-403f-babc-82ddcdb33de7/checkout

# get _Other people also bought this_ list
$ curl http://localhost:8000/advice/2011
  "purchasedProductId": 2011,
  "otherProducts": {
    "2009": 1,
    "2013": 1

Running the tests

To run all the tests:


Code structure

  • Domain code can be found in src/Basket
  • ReadModel code can be found in src/ReadModel
  • Controllers can be found in src/Controllers

Note that there are two files for the services: services.yaml and domain.yaml. domain.yaml contains all the domain-specific services (CommandHandler, ReadModels, Repositories), while services.yaml contains domain-unspecific services (controllers etc).

The domain specific tests can be found in test/Basket and test/ReadModel

Note that there is a functional test in test/Functional

For more information, read our blog post about this demo: